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Appalachian GhostWalks' "Paranormal Expeditions"TM
Immersive and Enlightening Exploration of the Supernatural and the Unexplained

Explore the mysteries of our existence further, delving deeper with Appalachian GhostWalks' "Paranormal Expeditions"TM! Have you ever ask the question, "What does the word "Paranormal" really mean?" As an adjective, with the first known usage of the word in the year of 1920, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "Paranormal" as: very strange and not able to be explained by what scientists know about Nature and the world. According to Quantum Physics, the Universe is not only strange... It is stranger than we can imagine! And, as one author once put it, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. As a species, we have always been curious about the world
Appalachian GhostWalks Paranormal Expeditionsaround us, continually seeking answers to all of the most profound mysteries of life. While all of Appalachian GhostWalks' Vacation Packages unveil the details from painstaking endeavors to fathom the wondrous enigmas of our world, we are quite pleased to offer a new kind of paranormal adventure! If you are the type of person who
yearns for further understanding of the unexplained, then Appalachian Ghostwalks' "Paranormal Expeditions"TM are suitable for just about any level of physical activity. These tour packages can be catered according to your available time, budget, and individual interests, but generally last for an entire day. They are designed for those with a strong sense of adventure and are perfect for individuals, couples, or tour groups comfortable in participating in somewhat longer duration activities. Detailed descriptions of each of our "Paranormal Expeditions"TM Tour Packages are available further down on this page. For further assistance in planning your next journey into the beyond, please call (423) 743-WALK (9255) year-round, 11 AM to 11 PM, daily. We look forward to helping you design a getaway that is entertaining, educational, edifying and enchanting - perfect for all ages!! CLICK HERE to reserve any of the following packages safely and securely online, or call (423) 743-WALK (9255) to reserve by telephone.

Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Expedition The "Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Expedition"
This full-day adventure should not be confused with the fantastic "Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure" which is a moderately shorter hiking experience. While both offerings are great for children as well as the elderly, and rich in the history, mystery, and legend of this illusive North American Primate, by comparison, the "Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Expedition" TM is an all-day Bigfoot excursion into the mountains of Southern Appalachia, but you're never too far from the comforts of home. The adventure will include touring the area by foot and by vehicle for the maximum Bigfoot experience, taking approximately eight to nine hours to complete. The expedition begins at 10 AM with pick-up at your hotel, bed and breakfast, inn, or campground concluding at, or shortly after sunset and excursion end times may vary. You'll be traversing through some of the most breathtaking
Bigfoot Expedition

Bigfoot Expedition Scenery

Bigfoot Expedition 2014

mountain terrain you'll ever experience and your itinerary will include many activities throughout the day to include photography of trace evidence along the trail as well as tree knocking and more! This is an experience that any couple, small, or large group will never forget! For those who have seen the shows and studied the reports and those who have read all they can on the subject, this is the perfect opportunity for you to broaden those horizons and have the chance to experience what you have read and heard about for so many years. Appropriate footwear suitable for muddy areas along with a backpack, emergency rations, rain gear in the case of weather, as well as water and snacks are all highly recommended for this itinerary. Though the Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Expedition is available to book year round, the best times of the year for the most likely chances of having a sighting or an encounter with this enigma and in this area of the country just happens to be between mid to late March through early June and again from around the first of August through mid-November. It is very important to note that we care deeply about preserving and protecting both these mysterious animals, as well as the habitats in which they reside. This in mind, the location of where the tour will be conducted will be discussed on the morning of embarkation, during orientation. After you complete this tour, you'll think twice about that next hike into that dark patch of woods!!

EXPEDITION PRICING: Just $140 per person plus tip, hotel & meals Reserve Now RESERVE NOW

Ghostology 101 Ghosthunter Getaway Package The "Ghostology 101" Ghosthunter Getaway Package
This package is perfect for anyone seeking to undertake a new and perhaps more in-depth understanding of the unseen world. Based on more than two decades of research and investigation in the study of ghosts and haunted places, we have designed a curriculum entitled "Ghostology 101" which was not only created to exceed each and every expectation, but to teach paranormal enthusiasts how to keep their experiences positive while out in the field. This tour package begins with a booking at one of our haunted and historic bed and breakfasts, or inns where participants will receive ten hours of class time and five hours of field credit time during which you'll learn more than simply how to point and click your camera! In this two-day seminar, which can be conducted on any two consecutive days throughout the year, weekdays included, we'll expound on techniques taught from a positive and Christian perspective that will challenge many of the concepts - often misconceptions of the invisible world.
Paranormal Expedition Training Classes

Paranormal Expeditions Guides and Instructors

Paranormal Expedition Training Certification

With this package, guests will enjoy a full, but modified version of two of our most enticing tours - the "Haunted Historic Jonesborough GhostWalk" as well as the "Haunted Historic Greeneville GhostWalk". After each day in class, participants will enjoy a relaxing evening meal with their instructor (not included) before embarking on an evening journey revealing intimate details of how to apply what you learn in the class to obtain practical results out in the field. With hundreds of past graduates, we are pleased to note that those participants who utilize the hands-on field training they receive following the class, have and are achieving some striking results. In addition, the course is designed to eliminate many fears about Ghosts and is appropriate for any age, children and adults alike. Many of our past participants are as young as five to ten years of age - the perfect age to learn about those imaginary friends! Delve into the world of the unknown and discover more about life after death and what happens to us when the body ceases to function. When our graduates complete this course, they are presented with a certificate of completion from the Alternate Realities Center founded in 1994 with the very first season premiere of the "X-Files", and are presented with the title - not of 'Certified Ghost Hunter', but rather "Afterlife Researcher". Following no doubt what you may summarize as nothing less than a thrilling, yet personal paradigm shift, you'll look at the subject of the unseen world very differently, with less fear and greater understanding and compassion. Concluding around 11 PM - 12 AM each evening, this package requires a minimum of three overnight stays with two full days to complete. Add this itinerary to any, or all of several other vacation and tour packages found on this page, or do it as a standalone trip. Including all class materials - the book "Ghostology 101" written just for this course, your own set of dowsing rods, and the "Learn How To Dowse and Listen For EVPs DVD".

PRICING: Just $260 per person plus tip, hotel & meals Enroll Now ENROLL NOW

Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition Tour The "Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition"

United UFOs
UFO Center
UFO Expedition
UFO Center
Close Encounters Expedition
The "Appalachian UFO Close Encounters Expedition" TM is truly the first of its kind anywhere in the world! On this full-day otherworldly adventure through some of Southern Appalachia's most beautiful countryside, you'll be taken on a journey from childhood experiences through to the adult life close encounters of your guide, stopping at various locations where many well documented unexplained aerial events have occurred during the past several decades. These reports were thoroughly investigated for their accuracy during the more than two decades of intense research helping to make this tour possible. You will simply be amazed to hear about what has turned out to be far more than just a light in the sky, but of the many diverse, close encounter experiences these mountains, as well as their people, hold secret. And, we may just have a few surprises for participants throughout the day! Our first two guests, a father and son who were visiting with us - both ex-marines no less, were witness to an as yet unexplained daylight sighting during the first "dry run" of this tour. Perhaps, you'll be as fortunate as they as we transport
Appalachian Mountain Alien Abductions

UFO Expedition Skywatch

Strange Lights in the Trees

UFO Skywatching with Telescope

you to local hotspots with the best chances of having your very own strange and 'out of this world' sighting of unexplained aerial phenomena, observed by credible eyewitnesses in this region for many years. There are two parts to this tour with part one before and part two following a late afternoon dinner at a wonderful area restaurant offering great food in a "sixties" style setting, not included. Thereafter, your "Mountain Mysteries" Guide will continue with ever more fascinating close encounters experiences from across the region followed by an area skywatch at the newly opened "Hidden Mountain Observatory", weather permitting. You will definitely want to bring your camera, camcorder, and/or binoculars for a fun-filled evening under the stars. A seasoned backyard astronomer and recipient of the coveted Celestial Achievement Award at Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium, your host will entertain with some great stories, sounds, and sights throughout the evening. The Skywatch may be excluded, if desired, but is included as part of this package at no additional cost for each participant which is, once again and always, weather permitting. However, for UFO enthusiasts, closer encounter experiencers, or those who are just curious by nature, this part of the excursion is an absolute must where possible. Good longevity and stamina are suggested for this unique, one-of-a-kind "UFO Close Encounters" excursion package as the day begins with tour orientation at the Carnegie Hotel around 12:30 PM and ends with drop-off at approximately 11:30 PM that evening for a fun-filled day and night you will never forget! All times are approximate. Visit to explore throught provoking articles and editorial, organizational details, and one of the largest UFO or UAP and Crop Circle photogalleries on the Internet.

EXPEDITION PRICING: Just $150 per person plus tip, hotel & meals Reserve Now RESERVE NOW

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KINGSPORT, Tennessee - Spring 2007 -- Appalachian Ghostwalks "Spook and Save" Vacation Packages has been selected for an Award at the 2007 Pinnacle Awards for outstanding achievement in the Attractions Division by the Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association.
The Award identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business in the tourism industry. - SOURCE: Northeast TN Tourism Association (NETTA)

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