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Welcome to Appalachian Bigfoot Walks'. This page of our site is dedicated to those who wish to learn more about this illusive North American Primate. Often called Sasquatch, Yeti, and Yowie, our Bigfoot Walk page is where visitors can learn more about the intriguing Appalachian Sasquatch. As our Appalachian Bigfoot Walks approaches their 20th Anniversary, Appalachian GhostWalks can't help but be excited as a company with nearly 30 years of professional paranormal Bigfoot Research. We look back on the results and experiences derived through hundreds of Bigfoot investigations at active sites from the Southwest Virginia Highlands to Cumberland Plateu just west of Knoxville, Tennessee. With so many memories, it's hard not be a bit nostalgic about our Appalachian Bigfoot Tours and we continue to present them daily, year-round with great pride and joy as Appalachian GhostWalks was the first to offer such ongoing tours to the public. Guests on our Appalachian Bigfoot Walks often called the Appalachian Sasquatch Tour are thrilled by the history and mystery of the subject brought to life by our professional storytellers who elaborate on the findings of Appalachian Bigfoot Research and how local history of appearances of the creature as well as Appalachian historical studies on the subject have verified those findings after the fact. We invite everyone to come and enjoy the Appalachian Bigfoot Tour on your next trip to mountains of East Tennessee. Our Appalachian Bigfoot Walks are perfect for children as well as adults and the elderly. Visitors and local residents of all ages will find each tour rich in stories of personal Bigfoot experiences and accounts of Sasquatch activity. We look forward to sharing the details derived from nearly two years of production on the Appalachian Bigfoot Walk or Appalachian Sasquatch Tour and can't wait to see the faces of guests young and old as you discover the Bigfoot of the Appalachians as well as other Appalachian Cryptids like the Black Panther along with all its paranormal cryptozoological wonders and surprises. Make plans to join us soon and hear all about Appalachian Bigfoot and Cryptid Research while getting the details about these "hairy ghosts" haunting the forests of the Appalachians. You'll get the BEST Appalachian Bigfoot Stories and the BEST Appalachian Bigfoot Tour with Appalachian Bigfoot Walks' presented daily afternoons. Reservations required... Reserve your tour now and start planning for an unforgettable experience you'll treasure for a lifetime!!!!!

Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure Tour
Appalachian Caverns
Following this incredible hike around a scenic mountain lake you might think twice about your next visit to the woods!!

Tennessee Bigfoot Tours Cherokee Bigfoot GhostWalk Audio Description Cherokee Bigfoot Tours

Travel back in time on trails trodden by the earliest frontier explorers with a chilling presentation of never before presented Bigfoot research coordinated to the Native American flute and drum. Indulge in the mystery and intrigue of what has become known about this illusive and mysterious primate through twenty-six years of indepth investigation. Thrill to details of on-site studies where the Tennessee
Bigfoot has actually been encountered. You'll hike the same trails where Native Americans once roamed this vast and untamed frontier hearing more than five hundred years of their folklore, history, and legend. Perhaps, you'llBigfoot Country
Bigfoot Videocatch a glimpse of the fabled, but never yet proven to exist "black panther", other strange and rarely seen native animals, or... Perhaps
you will see something else!!! You never know, so don't forget to bring your camera as it never hurts to be prepared in our search for the Cherokee, or Tennessee Bigfoot ofBigfoot Footprint Video
Southern Appalachia. Whether it is personal curiosity about Bigfoot, or your very own Bigfoot and Cryptozoological experiences which fuel the desire to attend, your guide will endeavor to put you in a perfect state of mind for new discoveries and new paradigms. Come discover the Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure Tour, since 2004, the World's 1st fully dedicated ongoing Sasquatch research tour!!!

The Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure Tour Departs From:
Nature Center, 853 Bays Mountain Park Rd, Kingsport 37760

Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

This tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours and is a slow and gentle hike around the lake, usually less than three miles of walking distance, so you will definitely get your money's worth!!! Afternoon Tours usually start between 1-2 PM. This tour is only available in the afternoons due to operating restrictions at Bays Mountain Park. Advance reservations are required. Please call if any questions.

RESERVE ONLINE or Call (423) 743-9255

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******* This has been Appalachian Bigfoot Walks' and Haunted Appalachia Bigfoot Tours page. Here, visitors to our site along with future tour guests discover the Bigfoot of Appalachia in a new way. As the Appalachian Bigfoot Tour approaches its 20th Anniversary following 30 years of professional paranormal Bigfoot Research the Appalachian Bigfoot Walks have collected information from more than 200 active places where the creature has been seen and/or experienced. Appalachian Bigfoot eye witness accounts have shared an enormous amount of data with us allowing us to form conclusions as the creatures whereabouts and activies. The Tennessee Bigfoot has been most active during the past sereral years and there seems to be an esclation of reports. The Appalachian Bigfoot Walk Tour continues to presented daily, year-round tours thrilling participants engaging in the history and mystery brought to life by professional storytellers who elaborate on Appalachian Cryptids and the findings of our Bigfoot Research performed in production of our Appalachian Sasquatch Tour. There was a tremendous effort made to bring historical Bigfoot Research to life which were verified by follow-up paranormal investigations. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the Haunted Appalachia Bigfoot Walk on your next trip to mountains of East Tennessee or the Southwest Virginia highlands. Great for kids, our Appalachian Bigfoot Walking Tours are also a thrill for adults as well as the elderly and can be made to be handicap accessible. Local residents who have studied Appalachian Cryptids all of their lives who participate in our Bigfoot Walk of Appalachia may never see the subject quite the same way again, thinking twice about that next 'vlanche' into that dark patch of woods. Every Appalachian Bigfoot Tour is rich in stories of personal Sasquatch experiences and accounts of paranormal activity surrounding local appearances of the creature. With so many years of production work for the Bigfoot Walk of Appalachia, or Appalachian Sasquatch Tours, we can't wait to see the faces of you and your fellow tour companions exploring the Appalachians with us hearing hair-raising and spine-tingling Bigfoot stories. In fact, you'll hear real Appalachian Bigfoot Stories with truthful accounts of associated Cryptozoological and paranormal experiences. Our guests call this the BEST Appalachian Bigfoot Stories of any tour that they have ever done. They add that this is the BEST Appalachian Bigfoot Tour and the only one of its kind which they would recommend to local residents and visitors. We are humbled and thrilled by the reviews and feedback on our Appalachian Bigfoot Tours and hope you'll make plans now to attend our "Appalachian Bigfoot Adventure Tour" to learn more about Appalachain Cryptids presented daily with advance reservations. You'll have a simply SPOOK-tacular good time!!!!! *******