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Ghostology 101 Certified Ghost Hunting and Dowsing Classes

Enroll in Ghost Hunting Training Classes with Proven Investigative Results Taught with Experience

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Appalachian GhostWalks' Ghost Hunting Afterlife Research & Dowsing Classes
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"Ghostology 101" Ghost Hunter Getaway

Presented by Appalachian GhostWalks and the Alternate Realities Center (ARC), "Ghostology 101" is a Certified ghost hunting and "dowsing" training program based on nearly thirty years in the field experience. It also a unique part of the Appalachian GhostWalks' Haunted Vacations "Ghosthunter Getaway" Tour Package and loaded with information, fun, and adventure for the whole family - perfect for children and adults alike!

Our Ghost Hunter and Dowsing Certification Training Class is entitled "Ghostology 101". During this two-day seminar you will learn both basic as well as advanced ghost hunting techniques that will bring you solid, irrefutable results in your study of both homes and businesses in your area. The class is taught in person only on any two consecutive days throughout the year, depending on whether you combine the class with one, or more of our Haunted and Historic GhostWalks and Ghost Tours.

During the course you will be given close personal hands-on training, and materials including your very own dowsing rods, ghost hunter book entitled "Ghostology 101 - A Field Guide to Ghost Hunting" as well as our very own DVD entitled "Dowsing for Ghosts and Listening for EVPs". Following the final exam and dinner together the afternoon of day two at a nearby Restaurant in town, we will take you out into the field on a live ghost hunt on that evening where your live field work engaging in the exclusive techniques learned in the class will be observed with hands-on training.

In addition, the only equipment you need to bring with you to the class is your digital camera with flash and extra batteries. You may bring your video camera, if you have one, and a digital and/or mini-cassette recorder with a never used, blank tape. You won't need to buy any additional equipment until you have taken the class as you may find that you will save money on this later following completion of the course. At the end of the class you and your companions will receive a handsome, frameable Certificate which represents your successful completion of class hours and field credit hours. At this point you are certified by the Alternate Realities Center (ARC) to perform ghost hunting in your community in a way that best represents yourself as well as the organization.

Holy Spirit Dove and CrossChristian Afterlife Research Classes

Please note that this course of study is taught from a Christian perspective. If you are actively engaging ghosts and spirits and intend to do this in the future, it behooves one to engage in a class which goes much further into the development of the individual understanding of the afterlife through Biblical teachings. The eye-opening ideas and truths presented in the class are expounded upon in ways that we find our students have never thought about before and this class will forever positively change the way you think about the unseen world!!

"Ghostology 101" Getaway Course Enrollment

Ghostology 101 Ghosthunter Getaway Package The "Ghostology 101TM Ghosthunter Getaway" Package
This package is perfect for anyone seeking to undertake a new and perhaps more in-depth understanding of the unseen world. Based on more than two decades of research and investigation in the study of ghosts and haunted places, we have designed a curriculum entitled "Ghostology 101" which was not only created to exceed each and every expectation, but to teach paranormal enthusiasts how to keep their experiences positive while out in the field. This tour package begins with a booking at one of our haunted and historic bed and breakfasts, or inns where participants will receive ten hours of class time and five hours of field credit time during which you'll learn more than simply how to point and click your camera! In this two-day seminar, which can be conducted on any two consecutive days throughout the year, weekdays included, we'll expound on techniques taught from a positive and Christian perspective that will challenge many of the concepts - often misconceptions of the invisible world.
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Paranormal Expedition Training Certification

With this package, guests will enjoy a full, but modified version of two of our most enticing tours - the "Haunted Historic Jonesborough GhostWalk" as well as the "Haunted Historic Greeneville GhostWalk". After each day in class, participants will enjoy a relaxing evening meal with their instructor (not included) before embarking on an evening journey revealing intimate details of how to apply what you learn in the class to obtain practical results out in the field. With hundreds of past graduates, we are pleased to note that those participants who utilize the hands-on field training they receive following the class, have and are achieving some striking results. In addition, the course is designed to eliminate many fears about Ghosts and is appropriate for any age, children and adults alike. Many of our past participants are as young as five to ten years of age - the perfect age to learn about those imaginary friends! Delve into the world of the unknown and discover more about life after death and what happens to us when the body ceases to function. When our graduates complete this course, they are presented with a certificate of completion from the Alternate Realities Center (ARC) founded in 1994 with the very first season premiere of the "X-Files", and are presented with the title - not of 'Certified Ghost Hunter', but rather "Afterlife Researcher". Following no doubt what you may summarize as nothing less than a thrilling, yet personal paradigm shift, you'll look at the subject of the unseen world very differently, with less fear and greater understanding and compassion. Concluding around 11 PM - 12 AM each evening, this package requires a minimum of three overnight stays with two full days to complete. Add this itinerary to any, or all of several other vacation and tour packages found on this page, or do it as a standalone trip. Including all class materials - the book "Ghostology 101" written just for this course, your own set of dowsing rods, and the "Learn How To Dowse and Listen For EVPs DVD".

PRICING: Just $260 per person plus tip, hotel & meals Enroll Now ENROLL NOW

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This has been Appalachian GhostWalks' "Ghostology 101" Certified Ghost Hunting and Dowsing Classes information and enrollment page where students can enroll in Appalachian GhostWalks ghost hunting training classes with proven investigative results with an experienced and professional ARC ghost hunter. Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost Hunter Classes and Ghost Hunter Training Classes are not just Ghost Hunting Classes or Ghost Hunting Training Classes. They are Afterlife Research and Dowsing Classes for those who wish to learn the art of dowsing for ghosts. Dowsing Rods should never be used for spirit communication without proper training such as what is presented during Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost Hunter Certification Classes and Ghost Hunting Certification Classes. These Ghost Hunter Certification Training Classes and Ghost Hunting Certification Training Classes which we have entitled "Ghostology 101" will take you beyond the world of ghost hunting with more than thirty years of experience with dowsing rods in the field, so much so that after your completion of this in-person ghost hunting and dowsing course you are no longer just a "certified ghost hunter", but a true "Afterlife Researcher". When you are no longer looking for just pictures, audio, video evidence of ghosts in a house and you begin to be there on that haunted site for the sake of those spirits who are there in need, something happens. You begin to realize that if they (the spirits) are knocking pictures off the wall, turning on water faucets, and/or flushing toilets they are not doing this to scare you or the property owner, but rather to get your attention. It is then that the bigger question becomes, "What are the spirits trying to tell us?" or "What the spirits trying to tell me?", or "What are the spirits trying to tell the property owner?" These are the proper questions and endeavors of a true paranormalist and afterlife researcher and this is what we teach our students to do. If you would like to go above and beyond what is shown on the popular ghost hunting and ghost hunter television series, the "Ghostology 101" is the ghost hunting class, or ghost hunter training class for you! Advance enrollment is required for the ghost hunting instructor to properly prepare for your class and ghost hunting classes are taught year-round on any two consecutive days, weekends and weekdays. Call (423) 743-9255 for additional information or to enroll for our "Ghostology 101" Afterlife Research and Dowsing Classes now and start planning the next chapter of your own expanding awareness of the world of ghosts and spirits!!!