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Dandridge GhostWalk - This was the first ghost walk my boyfriend and I ever went on. We had Stacey who was amazing! He really knew the history and was able to provide us with a genuine experience. He made it feel like it was an experience rather than fright. I totally recommend this company and would do another one with them if I ever visited Tennessee again. - Caity L.

This is our second tour and we loved it! We live in Greeneville and really enjoyed hearing the history of the town. The guide was wonderful and made it all fun! - The Hinkle Family

Highlight for our Honeymoon - My now husband participated in a tour almost 7 years ago and his experience was one of his favorite memories he shared with me when we first started dating. It seemed only appropriate that we do two more tours as highlight activities for our honeymoon. Johnson City was our first tour and our guide was so genuine and clearly cared about those who had and still do live in the area. Rich in history, our guide energized the group with his talent for storytelling. We had the pleasure of having the same tour guide for the second night at Abingdon. Once again he kept us energized the whole tour. (and trust me, it is important when you are on foot for 3+ hours) Flexible when the weather did not cooperate and very respectful when taking us through the town. We would not hesitate to find time again to travel the 1000+miles to take more tours in the coming years. - Lyn W.

This was by far the best ghost tour I've ever been on! We chose the Dandridge ghost tour and I could not have been more pleased! The town was full of wonderful stories and is one of the most spirited places I've ever been to. Stacey was one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met! You'll leave feeling like you have a life long friend. Not only that, but he's very knowledgeable, and makes the tour suitable for all ages! Not once did I feel unsafe, or scared! I recommend Appalachian Ghostwalks and I recommend meeting Stacey if you want the best experience! - Abigail Jenkins

Will Definitely be coming back for more... We had Stacey as our tour guide throughout Jonesborough. He was lovely and very informative. His tour met all of our needs and we feel he went above and beyond. He has a huge amount of knowledge on spirits and the afterlife, and I learned a lot of things that I will always take with me. It was well worth the money we spent and we will go again sometime and ask for him specifically. We learned a lot of great history, had unique paranormal experiences, and learned to be open-minded to things we had previously overlooked. It was a lot of standing, but that does kind of come with being on a walking tour. Our favorite aspect of the tour was that he came from a Christian perspective. He tied many things to scripture, which I went back and read in the Bible were accurate, and I really trust that he knows what he's doing. I felt comfortable knowing that his stories were explained with nothing but love and respect for the spirits who have passed. I can not say enough good things, only that I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to spend a few hours on this tour with Stacey. - TripAdvisor - fireflies0777

Dandridge Ghost Tour - We did the tour in Dandridge and we were running a little late but the guide still waited for us. We had just got to Tn that night. There was definitely lots of stories to tell. We started at 830ish and went until almost midnight. The guide even offered to keep going as long as we wanted. We saw lots of orbs when we took the pictures and as he was telling parts of the stories you could feel the temp in the air get colder like the ghost was actually there. Towards the end the guide asked one of the ghosts if he was there to make this light turn on and he did. It didn't come on right away but slowly with just a flicker of blue at first. You can't do that if you were to manually turn on a light yourself. I'm a believer in ghosts but that little demonstration was freaky. Definitely worth your time and money and very friendly guide. Would love to come back and do a different tour someday. - TripAdvisor - Fuzz20045

My daughter and I have had the best day! While we did not officially see Bigfoot, she and I learned valuable information for our next hunt. We also learned you don't find Bigfoot, Bigfoot finds you! Our tour guide, Stacey McGee, from Appalachian Ghost Tours was phenomenal and knew facts only someone with first hand experience would know! We loved the tour and him. We will be back for other tours he offers. - Robin Mundy

I have always been a fan of Bigfoot and for my birthday my Mom booked the Bigfoot Tour. I went in thinking that it would be a fun tourist trap. The tour was beyond anything I would of expected. Stacey was very informative and had information that could only be learned from first hand experience. I would highly recommended any of the tours Appalachian GhostWalks has to anyone. I plan on coming back with friends and family! - Taylor Mundy

Pretty cool experience, can't deny the chills and spookiness you feel during the tour. The Dandridge tour is full of the towns history. Our guide Stacey is so passionate about the history, and the history makes the mystery! We had a great time, next time I would much rather do a whole tour package and stay at the haunted inn. So if you want a full spooky experience try to do the full package. - Starr Naylor

Super Trip and Great Time! My best friend and I wanted to take the ghost-hunting class and tour with Appalachian GhostWalks, and we talked our husbands into going with us. The first tour we attended was in Jonesborough a few years ago. Everyone had an amazing time. Stacey and Michael are very competent and capable tour guides, and very knowledgeable about the history of the areas where they offer tours. We booked a full weekend. We started out learning about ghost-hunting, then visited some historic sites in the area, and took some ghost walks. At the end of the day, Stacey took us to an amazing cabin style restaurant. We had so much fun, we paid for extra hiking tours. When we made our reservations, my friend and I didn't think our husbands would be into it, but they had as much fun as we did, if not more. We all thought that the price was more than reasonable for the services we received. The price was so reasonable, we worried that we were undercharged. Both day and night tours were available, and we did both. Stacey and Michael really seemed to care about us and wanted to make sure we had a good time. We had a great time and we talked about it for months afterward. Just writing this review makes me want to go back again, and I think that I will book another tour, as soon as I finish this. We live in a fast paced world, where families are constantly on the go. I can understand where it can be hard for some people to slow down and listen to history and story-telling, but if that is something you enjoy, this is well worth your time. One more thought to share with you before I go. Stacey and Michael take your physical ability into account when you book your tours. My friend's husband had bad knees and back, so we were offered tours that he could do comfortably. I can't say enough good things about Appalachian GhostWalks. We were well cared for and had so much fun. - TripAdvisor - Journeyin2016

Me and my husband went on the Greenville GhostWalk tour last year for our wedding anniversary and it was an amazing experience. We had an awesome tour guide with Stacey and with his amazing story telling along with our own personal experience, I would highly recommend Appalachian GhostWalks to anyone who wants to step back in time to learn some history and maybe get a "ghostly experience" as well. Looking forward to many more ghost tours with them. - Elly & The Carter Family

Go go go!! Well worth the money spent!! Our family went on the Dandridge walk while on vacation in Smokey Mountains. We had the time of our lives!!! There was a thunderstorm going on so our tour guide called all of his guests in an ample amount of time to let us know we were still going to walk but would have a 30 minute delay. This was very nice for him to do but to make it even better he added a few extras during our walk just as a "thank you" for waiting the extra 30 minutes, it was well worth the wait. We had interactions with things we never have before and even caught something unexplainable on our camera! We are looking forward to going on all the walks offered by this group!! Well worth the money!! - Marie R.

Fun and educational!! We had a great time on the Jonesborough tour! They guide was very knowledgeable, fun and entertaining. I loved getting to see the town at dust which added to the fun! My mom and nephew came along and he actually had the most fun and quoted a lot of the fun facts to friends later. Definitely for all ages. I highly recommend them and any of the trips they offer in the area. I think we are going to do the Johnson City one next. - Carie M.

Great for Ghost Hunting and History Too! The staff is very pleasant. The tours are guided and the guides really have their history down as well. They also offer several other tours if you are up for the drive. Full day or evening tours are available, as well as weekend getaways. - R. Goose

Great value! The family really enjoyed this! Our guide was great and the tour lasted 4 hours so it was well worth our money! - TripAdvisor - Aly116

While traveling last summer I looked up things to do in the Dandridge, TN area and I found Appalachian Ghostwalks! I called to make arrangements and was greeted by Stacey. He went out of his way to make our night memorable! I have never meet someone who was so passionate about his business. We enjoyed our Appalachian Ghost walk and would recommend it highly! Thank you SO much Stacey! I wish you and your wonderful business the very best! - Kristina C.

Great staycation - Did a full day package with these guys and it was awesome. We did the Bigfoot tour and Jonesborough later that evening and I didn't believe in Bigfoot before hand, but after the tour, it got me to thinking and makes me not want to go into the woods alone. The ghost tour that evening was very interesting from a historical as well as a spiritual aspect. Our guide was funny and knowledgeable about the paranormal. If you have never done a ghost tour then you need to do one with these guys. They make it a fun time for the whole family. - TripAdvisor - uttitan

My son and I had a great time! I loved learning about the history and the spirits. It was a unique experience and one that I would definitely do again if I am ever back in Tennessee. Thank you Stacey Allen for a wonderful experience, we could have toured for so many more hours! - Angela Davis

What a blast!! We just got back from our second trip with Mr.Mcgee! It was so much fun and he is an excellent guide! - Shelby J.

Good time! My husband and I have been on several tours with Appalachian GhostWalks. Our favorite was the Jonesborough tour. My inlaws went with us and they enjoyed it as well! The Abingdon ghost tour is really neat too and Abingdon is such a pretty town. The people with Appalachian Ghost Tours are very nice and have always gone above and beyond to help us. I will say that my least favorite tour with them at the Al Capone tour but it was mainly due to the setting. It's hard to feel "spooked" whenever you're in a busy part of town. To the people who are complaining about this being a history tour instead of a ghost tour, what in the world were you expecting? Wouldn't you feel a bit suspicious if everyone saw a ghost on every tour? The history part to me is the best part because it shows that you can live in or near a particular area your whole life and not know much about it! - Meygan Cox

Great GhostWalk Tour! Our ghost walk was enjoyable and very educational not to mention fun. Our guide, Stacey was very knowledgeable and personable. The walk did last around three hours, but you received great information not just on ghost stories but the history of the town, Dandridge. We recommend it to anyone that wants to possibly see some ghosts and learn about the area. It is also a hands on experience. - The Smith Family

Stacey was our tour guide and was so awesome. He kept your attention to his every word waiting for the rest of the story! He was so accommodating to my friends health issues and tailored the tour to our needs. I would recommend this tour to anyone! Had a great time and Stacey made it so outstanding! - Diana D. and Family

Stacey definitely knows his stuff. This is the 3rd time I've been on a tour with them and I am never disappointed. This time had kids as young as 8 along and all absolutely loved it. - Cindy and the Dagel Family

Excellent time for my family - and we even learned something! So I am a single dad with a a 17 year old who is humoring me and a precocious 13 year old - not an easy group to handle. We all got something positive out of the experience. We took the two day learning and tour package where we learned about the supernatural during the day and put our skills to the test at night. Our instructor, Stacey, was informative and entertaining. He is very serious about the training and had us in rapt attention the first day. The second day we were a little tired but the evening was fun; I truly believe my younger one has a gift. The owners are Christian based, so if you are looking for a gore fest or lurid events you are not going to get it; if you seeking a more wholesome approach to the hereafter you will be pleased! - Chip P.

Dandridge Ghost Tour... My granddaughter and I received great personalized attention for our tour. We had no transportation as we came in town on a AAA bus. We were picked up at requested time/location and dropped off at requested time/location. We very much enjoy they type of ghost story tours - on this week trip, we did one in Charleston, 2 in Savannah, 1 in Asheville and your Dandridge tour. Yours was among my top 2 picks. We were the only two so it was very personalized. Time and stories were not skimped on. Appropriate for adults and children, great combination of both ghost stories and history. Our tour was almost 3 hours. Very impressed with the guide's speaking and storytelling. Locations were excellent. Would definitely do more when in area again. A little higher than some, but well worth it for the personalization we received. Love the fact that a portion is donated to St Jude's - TripAdvisor - 01oldlady

I have always been a fan of Bigfoot and for my Birthday my Mom booked the Bigfoot Tour. I went in thinking that it would be a fun tourist trap. The tour was beyond anything I would of expected. Stacey was very informative and had information that could only be learned from first hand experience. I would highly recommended any of the tours Appalachian GhostWalks has to anyone. I plan on coming back with friends and family! - Taylor M.

Historic Ghost Fun! What a great night! Stacey was able to accommodate us last minute for a private tour of Dandridge. Our group of three loved every minute of it as Stacey is a gifted speaker, both insightful and entertaining, three hours flew by! We were still wanting to hear more. I really enjoyed that it wasn't just a "boo, whats that!? theres a face looking at us from an old window" type of ghost tour, this one went into the metaphysical theories of spirit phenomenon as well as the ghost stories. So we appreciated the intellectual aspect of the evening combined with the fun! Hope to go on other tours with this company soon! - TripAdvisor - Nomad47107804582

First of All I want to say I totally think Stacey Allen deserves a raise. I really enjoyed myself and so did my fiance. It was fun, educational and very Haunted! We attended two Ghostwalks with Stacey two days out of short vacation. I wish we would have made our vacation longer because we would have went on many more Ghostwalks with Stacey. - Andrew and Juaniqa

My daughter and I have had the best day! While we did not officially see Bigfoot, she and I learned valuable information for our next hunt. We also learned you don't find Bigfoot, Bigfoot finds you! Our tour guide, Stacey McGee, from Appalachian Ghost Tours was phenomenal and knew facts only someone with first hand experience would know! We loved the tour and him. We will be back for other tours he offers. - The Mundy Family Family

Murder, mayhem, and family bonding! I went to Johnson City to see my nephew graduate high school, and thought this would be a fun family excursion and I was right! Our tour guide was fantastic! He was very throughout including much of the history of Johnson City. I was quite glad for that, as I think it is important to teach children about where they live. The kids (teenagers) even had a great time. Not only did they get to learn about the past of their city, they also got to hear some funny stories. I can't thank you guys enough for such a great tour! I even got some pictures of ghosts! - Tara M.

My family and friends really enjoyed our Bigfoot Tour. Stacey our guide was extremely knowledgable of Bigfoot and the park. He provided a mix of fact and fun into our tour. We are interested in attending additional tours/services with this company. - The Quartermans

Stacey was an amazing guide tonight and the stories and history we heard we're above what I expected from the tour. When I get to go another tour I so hope we get Stacey again. Thank you for a truly amazing night. - The Huttons

Our walk was amazing, informative and eventful. Our guide Stacey was awesome and the tour was above what I had expected. - Christina Miller

Me and my husband went on the Greenville GhostWalk for our wedding anniversary and it was an amazing experience. We even had our own ghostly experiences which made it even better. The storytelling by our wonderful tour guide was amazing. I would highly recommended Appalachian GhostWalks to anyone who wants to step back in time with all the history and maybe even some ghostly encounters along the way. We have another tour scheduled this coming weekend (September 2018) and are looking forward to it. - The Carter Family

This is the 2nd tour my wife and I have taken with this company. The 1st one was in Dandridge, which was excellent. We had a blast. The tour guide was very knowledgeable of the town's history and we were intrigued the entire tour. We recently did the tour in Jonesborough. Again, we were not disappointed. Stacey is an amazing tour guide and an amazing person. I would highly recommend taking any of his tours, or classes (Ghostology 101). Whether you are into ghosts, or not, you're going to have a great time. We were celebrating our anniversary, but the only reason we came to Tennessee was to do the tour, that's how great they are. Again, I would highly recommend any of these tours to anyone. Thank you so much for what you do. - Joel and Janet Parker

STACEY is the BEST! He is one of those people you are just drawn to! He made my mom, my sister, and myself included feel so comfortable! He literally took us into the unseen world (Bigfoot/Jonesborough Full-Day Package) and if you see yourself as skeptical, we promise that he will change your mind!! Also, you can feel the Lord's presence in him! Famous Stacey quote, " Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing..." Thank you for this wonderous experience!! - The Gray Family

AWESOME!! Stacey is the BEST! He is a walking encyclopedia of history and is the best tour guide you can have! This is the second (Full-Day Blountville) tour that we have done with him and it is better everytime. Our 9yr old son even loved it! Would recommend to anyone!! Cant wait til we get to go again!!! - The Bolens

I want to let you know again how much fun we had on our (Full-Day Dandridge) tour Saturday. Hannah said that was her best birthday ever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it so. We have not stopped talking about our experiences. Not only was the tour a great experience, but meeting you and having you share in our family memory was such a pleasure. We all have decided we want to do another tour in a couple of months. Thank you and God bless you! - Michelle Greenwell

We went on the Dandridge GhostWalk with Allen. It was awesome. Highly Recommend! Thank you. - Michelle Fox

Our family truly enjoyed our (Full-Day Dandridge) trip with you yesterday. Thank you for spending so much time with us and opening my eyes to another world. I do want to come back and do the (Ghostology 101) Class. - Tammy Graham

Greeneville Tennessee Ghost Tour Great for History Buffs too - I took the Greenville tour during my visit to Tennessee just a few weeks ago. I booked the full day package and am very glad that I did. During the day on these tours you are allowed to visit the inside of some of the buildings that are featured on the evening only tour. It helps to better visualize the stories told in the evening when you have a first person account of the inside of these buildings. There is a lot of history on this tour and so if you aren't really into 'ghost' hunting but enjoy history, you can tag along and make it a family affair. There is something for everyone on this tour. We visited and toured the inside of Andrew Johnson's home and the amount of activity was electrifying (and this was in broad daylight). There is a bit of walking on these tours, so please keep that in mind when planning whether to do the full day or just the evening tour. I really enjoyed that the guide allowed me to 'use my own senses' to create my own experience before dishing out all of the details of sightings and the results of their findings before hand. It allowed me to tour first, just as they did, with no prior knowledge. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about the history of the buildings and town as well. I highly recommend a visit to one of Tennessee's 2nd oldest towns with Appalachian Ghostwalks. - TripAdvisor - RGoose2

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tours in Johnson City, TN and Abingdon, VA. My wife, Lyndi, and I had a wonderful time on the tours during our honeymoon just this last week. Keep up the great work! - Michael Hudson

Had the best lantern tour I have ever been on tonight! Jonesborough is a beautiful little town and our tour guide delivered with history and wonderful first hand ghostly interaction! I can not say enough how worth the drive from anywhere it would be to experience what we did tonight. My husband and I can't wait to return for a more involved haunted vacation! - Jason & Amy Triplett

We have done the Greeneville GhostWalk twice as well as the Appalachian GhostWalk tour of Jonesborough and I can't wait to book my next adventure. Full of history and excitement, the guides are amazing, and even my teenager is interested in the history lessons given by the guides. Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences. - Jennifer Alexander

Spent the day doing the Appalachian Caverns and Jonesborough Ghost Tour for my Anniversary. Fantastic time planning on coming back. Great day with my husband, our guides Stacey and William. Big Thank You!!! - Sherri Honaker

Michael Combs was an excellent guide! Intelligent, outgoing, full of energy, and very animated. The Abingdon Ghostwalk with my cousin, her husband, and my older brother was amazing. Thanks Michael! - The Pafford Party

I found this company to be a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and evening out with my family. I highly recommend them as a year-round alternative to movies and bowling. The company also offers some great vacation opportunities with many fun and educational family friendly activities. Thanks for an amazing adventure. We'll be back again soon!! - Matt McGee

My family and I had a wonderful time. We did a lantern tour of Dandridge Tennessee, beautiful lots of history. Mr. McGee is awesome. He knows his stuff! Highly recommend this company. - Jessica Tracey

We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend these interesting, thought provoking, educational, and exciting "Haunted Vacation Packages". Stacey is a wonderful guide and instructor. Definitely take (reserve) the "Ghostology 101 Ghosthunter Getaway" class. We can not say enough good things about our experience! - Michael & Bobbie Dickason

We just returned from Johnson City TN where my granddaughter and I shared an amazing adventure, We experienced the Appalachian Cavern and the downtown Jonesborough tours with our amazing, knowledgeable, funny and kind guide Stacey McGhee. The experience was by far the best tour of this type I have experienced and I have been on quite a few. The information, stories and hauntings were amazing. Will definitely be back. Thank you so much for our great experience. - Pam Greider

Our family went on the Dandridge GhostWalk while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. We had the time of our lives!!! There was a thunderstorm going on so our tour guide called all of his guests in an ample amount of time to let us know we were still going to walk but would have a 30 minute delay. This was very nice for him to do, but to make it even better he added a few extras during our walk just as a "thank you" for waiting the extra 30 minutes, it was well worth the wait. We had interactions with the unknown that we never have before and even caught something unexplainable on our camera! We are looking forward to going on all the walks offered by this group! Well worth the money!! - The Rose Family

Greeneville will never be the same!! I have always had a belief in the paranormal, albeit, with a little skepticism. However, after this experience, NO MORE!!! It was more than I could have ever bargained for and was a truly amazing experience, TWO THUMBS UP!!!!! I would recommend this experience to anyone who is simply looking for some fun to break up the monotony of life or for those looking for a truly paranormal experience! This is the last ghost walk you will ever need to take! - Kierney Jarvis

This was the BEST Ghost Tour I have ever been on! I would highly recommend it to everyone! - Gini Johnson

Great informative tour in a stunningly beautiful setting - Our party of 8 met Stacey, our guide, at Bays Mountain for the Bigfoot Tour. Stacey was well prepared to hold the interest of our young teens which is usually hard to do! Our group really appreciated that this tour wasn't focused on chasing the elusive Bigfoot, but more on the myth and legend as well as personal experiences along with years of real research. Pros - Stacey is a true professional with a great sense of humour who takes pride in his tour. Beautiful setting to hike. Reasonably priced/worth the money! Cons - None! Try this tour if you are looking to get away from the tourist traps near the Smokies and you are looking for a unique family tour! - Brigitte L.

Blountville Ghost walk fun... We had an awesome time! We loved hearing the history of Blountville while we walked around a beautiful town. Our guide Stacey Allen was so knowledge about the history. The way he told the stories you felt like you were there when the events happened. You could not ask for a better guide. Can't wait until we can take another tour. You guys "rock". We have taken several ghost walks but none with Appalachian Ghost walks, the others pale in comparison to Appalachian. Thanks again! - Cynthia Griffith

Incredible Week of History / Ghost Tales - Appalachian GhostWalks owner and founder Stacey McGee was just marvelous, We had booked a week to include a hotel stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast. On our very first day Stacey arrived promptly in his Appalachian GhostWalk vehicle and provided tranportation to and from different venues that we had booked. We visted the Gem mines, Took a tour of the caverns and then began our journey with Michael and Stacey of some of the Ghost encounter's of the various areas of Jonesborough. Me and My wife has alot of experiences to include ghostly ORBS, as well as feelings of energy of past departed individuals. Me and my wife also took part in Stacey's paranormal school that taught you how to effectively communicate with the departed. After the week was concluded Stacey and Michael presented our graduation certificates in paranormal investigation. For anyone wanting to engage in an authentic paranormal investigation designed for adults and children alike. Appalachian GhostWalks provides and outstanding opportunity for all to investigate and intergrate themselves into a one of a kind experience. - Kyle McKee

Great History from a Knowledgeable Guide - We did the Johnson City, TN ghost walk. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable. He is obviously dedicated to the subject and has done an incredible amount of research. The tour lasted well over two hours, yet you felt that he could go on a lot longer telling interesting stories. Although it's a "ghost" walk, and may not always deal with the happiest of subject matter, you leave the tour feeling uplifted in a way. Also note that the Johnson City tour doesn't involve a lot of walking as it's a small town with a concentrated history. - DJ Doobs

A Ghost "Drive" - It was drizzling the night Michael took just my husband and me to Jonesboro. He picked us up at the hotel and we had non-stop entertainment and information for the next 3 hrs His knowledge and presentation is "unbelievable". We did stop several times during dry times and walk around. I did not see a ghost and for that I say thank goodness! We had asked Michael about good places to eat and he immediately suggested Friebergs(sp) German food. And then after finishing the tour he actually drove us into town and showed us exactly where it was before returning us to our hotel (the Carnegie Hotel which is on another review). Good Job! - TripAdvsior - watermelonprincess

Excellent storyteller with great combination of history and ghost stories. AAA treatment with personalized pickup/dropoff locations. Very convenient as we had no transportation. We took our tour in Dandridge on June 4th and "kudos" to the guide for a great job! Very professional and we'll definitely do some of your other tours when back in area. We were VERY IMPRESSED - well worth the value, plus LOVE that you donate a portion to St Jude's! - Linda Dellinger

Michael Combs was our Dandridge tour guide for the night of May 29th. He made every bit of the tour exciting and full of information. We learned so much about the town, area, and its people and we enjoyed every moment. He is a great storyteller!! We were thoroughly entranced all night. Thank you for such a wonderful evening. - The Johnsons

Grand fun... Where to begin... First of all, Allen and Michael (my guides for both evenings) could not have been more accommodating. Not only did they book my hotel (at a substantial discount), but they picked me up both nights (Jonesborough and Johnson City tours). Both gentlemen tell a good tale, although very differently in style. Michael seems to focus on more of the history (which, as a history buff really interests me) and Allen is effusive and really weaves the mystery of the unknown into his stories. Both make you feel like you're a special group, as if you're privy to stories no one else has heard. The tours are long, but in a good way. You're not rushed along and it really gives you a chance to look around and peek in windows (of downtown buildings… Just to be clear, we weren't a group of peeping Toms :-) Both Allen and Michael are just delightful people, and their spirit (no pun intended) is contagious. I had a really good time on both tours. - TripAdvisor - CobbCoGA

Thank you guys for the Johnson City Little Chicago Tour. Our family had a great time! I even captured a picture of ghost at the train station! My sister doesn't want to believe and thinks it was photo shopped. I just wanted to let you know that we all really enjoyed ourselves and when we find ourselves in the area again, we will definitely book another tour! - The Martines Family

Hospitable and informative - Stacey Allen McGee was very accomodating and took great strides to be hospitable. Touring caverns we learned much of state/country history. It definitely was creepy exploring in the dark by lantern. The Little Chicago tour was cold!!! Its November! Many interesting stories on the "roaring times" of Johnson City. Interesting perspectives and stories! Great way to spend the day in JC TN. - Bea P.

My husband and I did the all day ghost tour in Greeneville, TN. We actually live here and we found out things about out town that we never knew! The experience was amazing and it has changed my life. I had a positive experience that will stay with me forever!! I can't go into detail about it but will say that I look on the afterlife differently! Thank you Stacey Allen for this tour. I would recommend any one to take this tour, it was a night I'll never forget! - Mary and Eric

Full day of fun!!!! We booked the full day ghost tour and had such a treat to spend the day with Stacey. It was our 12 yr old daughters pick of something she wanted to do... (and boy did she have a great day!!) we also had a very skeptical 15 yr old who we dragged along, but much to his surprise he gad a great day too! Full of history and fun!! We had such a great day!!! - Jennifer M.

I have done a few of these tours now and I absolutely love these guys! We are developing quite a history between us and while actually having booked three separate tours, including "Haunted Historic Erwin", our crazy "take life as it comes" attitudes have allowed us to experience a sample of at least five of the fifteen tours offered. Looking forward to the next trip down. There is no doubt that this excursion will be on our itinerary every time we are in the Tennessee area. I am so excited to get to do the Jonesborough tour next trip! - Rob and Glenn

I learned a lot and had some amazing experiences on our full day haunted vacation package in Jonesborough. Stacey was wildly energetic and enthused, and kept me entertained for the whole day - and into the early hours of the next day. Thanks! - Ruth Happel

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. Michael was amazing with our group (International Exchange Students, Dandridge). It was all they talked about the next day!!! We look forward to using y'all again soon. - Michelle, CiEE - Council on International Educational Exchange

***A birthday to always remember!!*** We are very thankful to Stacey Allen, Tour Director, for how he paid attention to the smallest details from ordering the cake to have it the freshest upon our arrival to making our reservation at the finest hotel. He even gifted wrapped the Appalachian GhostWalks T-shirt and "Haunted Historic Greeneville" DVD and presented during dinner at Fat'z Cafe! My teenage son was so surprised after supper to find a custom cake made with the Appalachian Ghostwalks logo and his name on it! My teenage son was so surprised after supper to find a custom cake made with the Appalachian Ghostwalks logo and his name on it! The Greeneville GhostWalk Vacation Package" on February 28th was outstanding. We drove from Ohio all the way to Tennessee just to do the full-day tour. It was worth every mile we made for the perfect family weekend getaway. The Appalachian GhostWalks Tour Bus is the neatest tour bus you'll ever have a chance to be on! During transportation you get to listen to errie music... and at night, it lights up! The tour is outstanding, combining history with the afterlife! We would highly recommend to this experience to anyone! You will not be disappointed! - The Fernandez Family

More than spooks, great history!!! This is my second tour with Appalachian GhostWalks and it could not have been any better!! If you are considering this, I highly recommend it!! I've been on the Jonesborough and Erwin tours and look forward to my next one! What a great experience!!! - Kim D. Bechard

Jonesborough GhostWalk - We were from MN visiting family in TN and signed up for the Jonesborough GhostWalk. It was fabulous! We had 8 in our party, 2 seniors, teens, children and a toddler and it was enjoyed by all. Our tour guide was Michael and he did a wonderful job of keeping everyone engaged for a 3 hour walk that may have otherwise been difficult to do. He was great with answering questions and taking the time to let us stop and explore. We loved it so much we went back the next day in daylight to see all of the places we learned about the night before. We would certainly schedule another tour in the future when coming down to visit family again. We would even try to schedule one with Michael! It was a great way to spend a spooky October night in TN! - Stephanie C.

My family had such a wonderful time doing the little Chicago ghost walk and the Bigfoot expedition. Absolutely exceeded our expectations! The tour guide is so informative and passionate about his beloved mountains and he's an absolute hoot! My husband and I have done many ghost walk/tours in different cities and I must say, I have never had a tour guide who was as much fun! And the Bigfoot expedition is by far the best tour we have ever experienced. We will be back for the other tours! - Melissa McIntosh

Absolutely amazing tour. My family and I went on a tour and had a lovely time. Stacey was the tour guide and I really enjoyed his knowledge of the history and stories about the people of the past. I would highly recommend Appalachian Ghostwalks to anyone. The tour is family friendly and worth every penny. I would definitely go again. - William Wallace

Love going on these tours! I've been going for over ten years now and always have a blast! The tours are not only a lot of fun, but they are also very informative! My husband and I recently went on the Jonesborough tour (first time taking this particular tour for my husband second time for me) and we were both surprised about how much we learned about an area we'd both lived in for so long! We will definitely be checking out the other tours Appalachian GhostWalks offers! - Mary Tengroth

We had a great time on the Jonesborough ghost walk. Our tour guide, Stacey, was very knowledgeable. He had a lot of information to share about the history of Jonesborough and the active supernatural side of the town today. We even experienced our own interactions while on the tour! We have done a few other ghost tours in other cities and this one was the best quality and most detailed one we have done yet. - Tara Warf

As a skeptic, I found this tour interesting and informative. The Dandridge, TN tour was packed full of history and experiences. Stacey is fun and easy going. We even had input from the locals that just contributed to the overall encounter. I went in with an open mind and found myself leaving with a lot to think about and wanting to learn more. Any opportunity me and my family have to enjoy future experiences with Stacey will be sought after. Thank you! - Tommy Johns

Had an absolute blast on the Jonesborough tour! Stacey was an awesome host and taught me things about a town I've lived in most of my life that I had no idea about. I will definitely be taking my wife on another one of these tours. Extremely knowledgeable experience and well worth the money. 10/10 would recommend!! - Jacob Smith

Coming Back For More... I live in Northern, Virginia and have been on a couple of Appalachian GhostWalks, and am coming back in October for a tour of Jonesborough, TN. I cannot wait! We did a tour of Jonesborough a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Jonesborough is such a pretty town, and I love all the Fall and Halloween decorations they have. I'm meeting family there and we are going to make a weekend out of it. I highly recommend the people from Appalachian GhostWalks -- they are very knowledgeable and personable and make the tour very exciting – and I look forward to seeing them again! - TripAdvisor - Tee1960

We took the Jonesborough GhostWalk this past weekend, and I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a blast! Very interesting and highly recommended. Michael was a fantastic guide and storyteller! We will be doing more GhostWalks in the future for sure. - The Dudeks

Fun for all ages! Great tour! We did our tour at night and had 3 children with us. The tales are appropriate for all ages. Our tour guide, Mike, was wonderful. There was never a dull moment. Don't forget your camera. I guarantee when you check your pics something will catch your eye. - Stacey C.

I wanted to extend a great big thank you from Troop 222 and the Overmountain District for an outstanding job on Friday night (This was a Storytellling and Campfire Presentation in Abingdon,). This was the perfect way to begin our weekend. The kids were all ears and loved the hands on activity. Our troop will be sending out thank you cards and will be sure to get one in the mail to you guys! Thanks again for an amazing performance!! - Jennifer Johnson

Thank you for making Ethan's 9th birthday (Jonesborough, August 2014) an enjoyable experience that he will never forget! He said that this was his BEST Birthday EVER! Thank you for his ghost and the card! That was very thoughtful! He absolutely loved them and carried the ghost around with him the entire night. A couple of times it went off and almost made everyone jump a mile... lol. He loved the Appalachian GhostWalks T-Shirt and Mug as well! - The Compton Family

Thank you so much for last night's (Jonesborough) ghost adventure!!! The girls had so much fun and are still talking about it this morning!!! You made our vacation even greater!!! Thanks again!!! - Mary Ann

Had a great experience with Stacey Allen, our tour guide. He set the mood perfectly for a creepy walk through downtown Jonesborough. The night was filled with chilling tales from the 1800s and stories of his own experience that made the hair on your neck stand. Honestly, we can't wait to do another tour possibly for Christmas this year. A great tour to do anytime of the year but especially during the Halloween season. - Jared Jennings

This was the first time ever doing a ghost walk in the old town of Jonesborough, and I just want to say it was AMAZING! My tour guide Stacey was just absolutely wonderful, very caring and loving! I seen and heard lot of things that blew my mind and I learned a lot about the town and all the history it has! I have to say I will definitely be doing more tours with him. - Cameron Moore

We were on your Cherokee Bigfoot Tour (Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, TN) and we had an amazing time. Our tour guide was wonderful and was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We had so much fun hiking through the woods learning about Cherokee history and their connection to today's many legends of Bigfoot. The tour was thought provoking and definitely made us think twice about venturing into the mountains alone!! Thank you so much for a great time! - Sarah and Justin Van Dyke

Stacey Allen was a treat to coordinate with for my experience. He went above and beyond for the walk. Even had like a VIP treatment for the tour. I had originally scheduled my tour a year ago, but it was easy to reschedule for an optimal experience. He had the perfect pizazz to being historically accurate with the darker times of that town. He is very knowledgeable with the areas he does tours in. Also the mode of transportation is *chef's kiss* perfect for the aesthetic (KIA Soul). Also was very prompt on sending the link with the photos of my experience, along with the group I was paired up with last minute. Will definitely coordinate with them again for another walk. Ideally these walks are about 2 hours long. Very informative, can't wait to go back! - Alyssa Givens

My sister and her husband and several others she knew went on this walk in Abingdon. She said they enjoyed very much. It was very informative and their guide was knowledgeable of the area. - Robin Ratcliff

Tom, Liam, and I had a wonderful time on our ghost tour through Abingdon, Virginia, with Stacey Allen! He was a delightful tour guide who genuinely loves what he does. He was very informative about the town's history and spiritual activity and even took the time to let Liam experience a little activity himself. We will definitely be joining him on other tours in the future! Thanks again, Stacey Allen, for such a wonderful experience! Michael would be proud! - Tiffany Brustowicz

Little Chicago Tour (Johnson City GhostWalk) last night was awesome!! Despite very frigid temperatures is was a great time with great storytelling! - Dawn Melton

We were visiting from Minnesota in October of 2013 (17th) and signed up for the Jonesborough GhostWalk! It was worth every penny. We had teens, children, seniors and a toddler along in our group and everyone was totally engaged in listening to the history and ghost stories our tour guide Michael treated us to. We enjoyed it so much we went back to Jonesborough the next day to see everything in the daylight! We would definitely take another tour the next time we are in TN to visit family and would even request Michael as our tour guide a second time. Thanks for a wonderfully spooky and enchanted evening on a Tennessee October night! - Stephanie Cline and Family

Y'all were awesome! I really enjoyed it. Before the tour (Jonesborough) I didn't really want to stay out too late, but once everything got started, I didn't want to leave! Thanks for such a wonderful experience! - Meghan Vannoy

Absolutely Amazing in Value and Experience - We just finished a seven day haunted history vacation with Appalachian GhostWalks and I have to say this was the best vacation I have ever taken with my family. The history is well researched and you can tell these folks have done their homework. More than this, we had incredible experiences both in and around buildings pre-dating the Civil War and on properties having a history dating back more than 200 years. The company boasts the paranormal study and investigation of more than two hundred State, local, and Federal historic sites and it really shows as you hear the stories of first hand experiences that will truly give you chills. Our family has taken "ghost tours" before, but nothing even came close to these. If you are planning a visit to the mountains of Tennessee and southwest Virginia, you owe it to yourself to call these guys first. We were able to stay at a five star hotel at the cost of your typical three star property. Our vacation package included discounts on our rafting adventure and horseback riding including transportation to all of the mansions, museums, historic sites, and caves. It was just so much more than the routine visit to the beaches, or even a local theme park. After seven days with these folks, we still didn't get to see everything and we are already planning a return trip. These folks exceeded our expectations in every way, from our hotel stay to the last detail of our vacation planning and even that was so easy... it was truly one stop shopping. Thank you, so very much, for giving our family a vacation memory we will not soon forget. We have already told all of our other family and friends about our experience and hope to bring some of them with us on our return trip next Spring. - Anakin M.

My entire family loved the Jonesborough GhostWalk we attended this past Saturday. It was by far, the best Haunted excursion I've ever been on. I've been recommending the tours to all of my friends. Thanks for the great time! - Sonya Breeding

History, ghosts, Bigfoot, oh my! I took 3 full day trips and will try to comment on each. Stacey was the guide and truly amazed me that he could remember so much history and stories. Tipton-Haynes was quite fun with it's historic buildings and I even was hugged by a spirit! The Appalachian Caverns history was a treat and unusual to hear on a tour. I also found the history about Al Capone fascinating as one thinks of him in Chicago. The history is real and we got a great photo of Mr. Ford in Blountville! The form of a man with dark bushy hair!! - Donna C.

Awesome Experience, Cant wait to do it again. My partner and I attended the ghost walk tour in Abingdon, VA 7-20-13. It was Fantastic, I cant say enough positive things about it. Our tour guide was Michael, he was very knowledgeable and provided great history throughout the tour. Although we didn't get to see anything paranormal, we did get to hear a lot about other peoples' experiences in the past. I would highly recommend Appalachian GhostWalks to anyone. We are already excited about planning the Jonesborough TN tour. Thank you so much for a wonderful night of fun. - Justin A.

BY FAR THE BEST!... HI! My name is Kris, I live in Maryville, TN. I, along with some family members, have been on the Jonesborough GhostWalk with Appalachian GhostWalks twice & we've also gone on a few others around the area, but there was absolutely NO comparison....Appalachian GhostWalks is BY FAR the BEST we've been on! Our tour guide (both times) was Stacey Allen & he is just a joy! He is very knowledgeable of the history of Jonesborough, & he kept us captivated with his stories of the paranormal & the ghosts of Jonesborough! We are planning another trip to Jonesborough this October & can't wait to do the ghost walk again! I have family coming in from the D.C. area, who went on the ghost walks with me before & also a niece (who hasn't done the walk yet) flying in from California just to go on the ghost walk with us! So, if you're looking for something to do this Halloween (or anytime of year) I highly recommend Appalachian GhostWalks!!!! I just can't say enough about what a great time we had... and we can't wait to do it again! - Kris T.

Absolutely Awesome Experience - My wife and I took this ghostwalk tour in Dandridge,Tennessee, which is the second oldest town in Tennessee. Let me begin by saying that this is not a money trap! We got our money's worth and a lot more. This is not a tour where your gonna be mislead about ANYTHING! Our tour guide Stacey is a walking history book. He is very informed about the history of the towns on his tour down to minute details. He is not interested in giving out false information just to thrill his customers. No, we didn't see any casper looking ghosts but we felt and sensed the presence of something or someone from the past that is definitely REAL!! Stacey made this experience fun and exciting with true stories from his experiences, historical facts, and unexplained happenings of the past and present. We will absolutely spend our money again with Appalachian Ghostwalks. We are already anticipating our next tour. Make you reservations NOW, you will be hauntingly surprised by the experience. Once again, thank you to Stacey for an unforgettable experience!!! - Gregg B.

My First Experience On A Ghost Tour - During fall break my son and I went on our first ghost tour through Appalachian GhostWalks, it was amazing. My son had been anticipating the tour all day and he was not disappointed. He could not stop talking about the next day! I was very pleased with the level of detail that went into this tour. Our tour guide Stacey was extremely knowlegable about the sites we visited and was very professional and pleasant. As a pastor myself I was impressed with the way he wove the supernatural and bilical truths together. All I can say is it was fascinating and I highly recommend it. Needless to say this will be a permanent fixture on our vacations to Tennessee. Can't wait for the next one! - Yossi S.

Fun, Unforgetable, Unique Experience! Words can hardly express the experience we had when taking two back-to-back Appalachian GhostWalks tours one day in early November. Our guide was extremely generous with his time, and he slowly inducted us into his ghost-finding methodology by explaining the dowsing process, which we learned to perform as well. Next we went down into an extensive cavern and were treated to a very interesting, spooky, and memorable ghostwalk underground. After emerging about four hours(!) later, we were taken to the streets of Blountville, where our guide took us past several haunted buildings and related their histories to us. - TripAdvisor - WRNNy

A must do if traveling to TN - Our family took a summer vacation to Jonesborough TN specifically to do the Appalachian Ghostwalk Tour. We did the haunted caverns and also the Greenville tour. Alan and Michael were the best guides you could ask for. They are both so very knowledgeable about the history surrounding the stories that involve these haunted places. These tours are well worth the money. The tours actually are inexpensive considering they last around 3-4 hours long. I highly recommend going on atleast 1 of these tours while in TN. You won't be sorry. - Nancy B.

Equal parts history and mystery - I've been on this tour several times. As a repeat customer I can tell you it's awesome. You get just enough history to really tie into the supernatural events that have made the town legendary. It's a great time and appropriate for all ages. The tour guides are super friendly and the stories are told in fun and animated way to keep you interested and coming back for more. I highly suggest this and any of their tours! - Amy G.

So much more than I expected... My family and I loved every minute of our Spirit Walk with Appalachian Ghostwalks. Our guide, Michael, capitivated our attention the entire time with ghost stories, historical information, funny stories and information about the area. My 10 & 13 year old daughters were interested the entire time. He was able to present the ghost information in a way that peaked their curiousity for the entire walk. He even gave me hints on how to capture a spirit on film...which I am pretty sure that I did during the walk. The walk was nearly 3 hours long but it seemed to a lot shorter. There was literally no down time during the walk. We were either talking about historic buidlings, ghost stories or legends. It was so much better than I expected it to be. I was sad to see the walk end but am certain that we will return to take another walk. The walk was family friendly while still being really interesting. I will definitely be taking more ghostwalks/tours in the future. My kids cannot stop talking about the walk and have even had me out visiting historical sites since then. Although this started as entertainment it has my daughters very curious about the past and history in general. - Lauren B.

Haunted Appalachian Caverns Ghostwalk - The walk through the caverns was amazing. The amount of time alone was well worth the taking the tour. This is not your typical half hour walk through a cave and then you leave. We spent several hours going through the cave and the historical knowledge we were exposed to was top notch as well as the "ghostly" experiences. I would recommend this tour for anyone who enjoys caves. - Shane M.

The best ghost walk - I have been on several of the ghost walks with Appalachian GhostWalk. I have been to the ETSU tour, Jonesborough, Greenville tour, and the Abington tour several times. They know the history of the places and their research is right on the spot. Every time I go I learn something new that I didn't before. They change the tours a little each time so it's not the same. I had both Allen and Micheal as tour guides and they are both awesome each one has their own style to it. I would really recommend them as a fun activity to do with just yourself or get the whole family together. Get a bunch of friends together to do something different around this area instead of the same ole boring stuff. You will definitely enjoy it and its worth the money too. - TripAdvsior - sej565

Historical Blountville Haunted Lantern Led Tour and Haunted Cavern Tour - AWESOME!!! This is the second time that we have done a tour with Stacey. He is amazing! So full of history and cool experiences. He is a Godly man who loves his job and he can relate the Bible to the work he does. He is very fascinating and a fun guy. We feel as if he is a part of our family now after this 2nd tour. He is the best! He took care of us all day! We walked the cemetery first then privately toured the haunted cavern after closing for the public. It was so cool and I love the history and the stories. I have to say that I did have an experience in there just need to do the tour. Ha next he took us to eat dinner and then to the haunted historical walk of the town of Blountville......WOW! There is not enough words to describe the experiences we had! The history is fascinating Stacey knows it all! Our 9yr old son went with us on this years tours and he loved every minute of it! Stacey took up with Bryce and made sure that we had a great time. It was just us four and he stayed with us until 2am walking and touring and telling us the history! Bryce wants to go and take his class one day soon as do I! I cant say enough about this man or these tours. We love them and Stacey! Appalachian GhostWalks is the BEST! Cant wait til next year!!!! - TripAdvsior - Pamb1515

Awesome time!! Thanks Stacey for an AWESOME time on our two day excursion with you. Both days were packed full of fun activities and we were never bored. We enjoyed the information supplied, the adventure and the company. Thanks for helping us make some new and wonderful memories. - Teresa O.

One of the Best! Johnson City TN Little Chicago tour. Was a wonderful mix of history,information and paranormal - personal and reported. Stacey is very engaging and extremely knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Whether you are a believer or not, Stacey is genuine in his presentation. - Ann G.

Amazingly Accurate, Historical, Family Fun, and Educational - I have been on several tours across this country and I can honestly say there is nothing like these tours anywhere. They are done from a positive perspective on the Afterlife that is NOT designed to scare you, or sensationalize fear. It is dedicated to an accurate portrayal of the history of America's First Western Frontier and brings history to life through the research done in the buildings along the tour route to give visitors a spinetingling feel for who it is that is haunting a location and why they are here! I wold recommend this tour to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of not just ghost hunting, but afterlife research and study. Nearly two decades of life experience and hard labor of love as well as a passionate desire to provide proof that there is more to life than meets the eye has gone into the production of these tours. As far as the time spent on this tour, you'll not miss it for as they say - "time flys when you're having fun". Absolutely amazing is the only way I can possibly describe this experience. With fourteen different choices, you owe it to yourself to share in a truly family fun experience! - The Montgomery Family

I just wanted to let you know that Jonathan and I had a wonderful time last night on the Abingdon GhostWalk. The history and stories that we learned were amazing. I worked in Abingdon for three and a half years but had no idea about all the rich history. It was absolutely beautiful at night. Unfortunately we didn't see a ghost this time, but we will definitely be doing the Jonesborough tour very soon. Thank you for a great evening of fun. - Justin and Jonathan

Appalachian GhostWalks in Jonesborough, TN - My husband and I went on the Jonesborough, TN ghost walk on October 11th. We were the only 2 in the party. Our guide was part founder/owner of the tour company. He was excellent. The tour started at 6:00 p.m. and ended around 9:00 p.m. We walked through town and behind buildings and heard several ghost stories of happenings of times bygone and several recent haunting activity experienced by other tour guests, as well as homeowners. While we didn't experience any haunting during our tour, the history and stories were interesting as told by our tour guide. I wish something had happened to make us believers, but this is something we would still recommend if you're in the area. I think our tour guide was above average. We have nothing else to compare this to, but we do plan on coming back and doing a different one. I believe Appalachian Ghostwalks offer about 11 tours throughout the mountain area. - TripAdvisor - koali2004

Scared me to death!! I loved the tour! I got super creeped out and saw some paranormal things but what I felt was even more powerful than what I saw. Our tour guide was very helpful and allowed us to get the full feel of the paranormal that surrounded us. Not only was he familiar with the area but also he was familiar with the ghosts in the town. He knew their back stories and that was wonderful. It's great to know about these people that once were. I plan on going again for a longer tour soon. I definitely recommend this ghost walk to people interested in history and paranormal things. - Nacoby R.

Spooky History... Love love love! Stacey is great and so informative. It felt like I was hanging out with a friend. I definitely recommend! - Brittany M.

Holiday Memories with Year-Round Tours - I and my family took the Appalachian GhostWalks "Ghosts of Christmas Past" ghosts, history, and holiday lights tour during the Smoky Mountain Winterfest Celebration. It was one of several tours we did during the week we spent with them on vacation. During our afternoon and evening tours, following a timely pick-up from our hotel, we were treated to great sightseeing, great conversation, and amazing food over dinner with the guide. The guide was quite thorough and well versed in the tremendous Frontier, Revolutionary, and Civil War history of the towns we toured including Bristol, Dandridge, Jonesborough, Greeneville, and Johnson City. I and my friends who were traveling together would highly recommend this experience to small and large groups. They did a fantastic job. I am very skeptical about unexplained phenomena, but they really got me to thinking. It is truly an emmersive, enlightening, and educational experience which we found well worth the investment in time and money. Thanks for a fantastic experience we will not soon forget. We hope to take more tours during our next visit to East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. - Ralph C.

Thank you for the great tour. Our group was big (family reunion), but I think everyone had a great time. It is all they talked about when we got home last night. - The Nickersons

I just wanted to send a note to say that our Appalachian Caverns and Jonesborough tours this past Saturday were both very enjoyable and also extrememly educational. We would love to experience more of the tours you have and would really like to attend your Ghostology 101 Class. - Shane and Sheila Marsh, Knoxville, TN

We just wanted to thank you for our wonderful tour. We really enjoyed ourselves and found the history of Dandridge very amazing. We will definitely be coming back to take more tours on our next vacation and will be seeing you again. Thanks again!!! - Tisha and Amber

Thank you for all the time you spent with us on Monday. We had a wonderful time with you (on the Jonesborough). It was an experience like nothing else we've ever had and we will remember it always. - Don and Miri

We just wanted to thank you again for the very informative tour last night. It was truly an experience we will not soon forget. We can't wait to take the next walk soon. You are AWESOME!!!! We have already been spreading the experience with friends and family. We hope to see you again in the NEAR future. God bless you and Appalachian GhostWalks, ALWAYS!! Satisfied customers Here! - Gregg and Pam Bolen from Ecru, MS

I just wanted to thank you for this one of a kind experience. We had so much fun and it is still fun after the vacation as we keep looking over some of the awesome photos that we got while on the Dandridge GhostWalk. Can't wait to come back and do another tour! - Rob G. from Atco, NJ

I had a wonderful time taking your Ghostology 101 (Dowsing and Afterlife Research) course. Thanks for the very interesting class and tours. I had a great time and enjoyed the days and nights I spent with Appalachian GhostWalks! - MaryLee Trettenero from Boston, Massachussetts

My aunt, niece and a friend took the Dandridge GhostWalk. My aunt and I were skeptical but my niece insisted that we go. My aunt and I ended up having so much fun and were so glad we attended. Our tour guy was awesome and very informative. I highly recommend the tour for some family fun and excitement. - Debbie Solomon

My wife and I along with my two teenage Grandchildren went on the Johnson City GhostWalk. We found this tour to be most interesting. I will say... I was a skeptic, but I am not NOW. Wow, Thanks for the experience. - Winston Nixon

Thank you so much for the tour on the ETSU campus (ETSU GhostWalk). Not only was it informative and amazing, it was a great bonding time for our family. Stacey works magic with his stories and abilities to keep everyone entertained. We look forward to more tours. - The Carrier Family

I just wanted to tell you that we all really enjoyed the Abingdon GhostWalk last night. We would also like to do some of the other tours in the future! Michael was great!! Thanks so much!!! - The Hopkins Family

We have taken other tours all across the country and recently took the Jonesborough Ghost Tour with Appalachian GhostWalks. Following the tour, our family unanimously agreed that this ghost and history tour was better than the haunted tour of the Queen Mary that we took in California! - The Russell Family

We took the Ghostology 101 Ghost Hunting and Dowsing Class and spent five days with you on vacation. We just wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for all your kindness and the wonderful work you are doing. This has been an experience we'll talk about for a long time to come. Hope to join you again soon! - The Whitleys

My husband and I are from New York and did the Cherokee bigfoot adventure tour!! I WOULD give our guide Stacey 10 Stars if I could! He was wonderful, very informative and knowledgeable!!! Stacey was very friendly, great stories, and had a wonderful sense of humor!! You should go on this tour and you will see the passion he has for this you will not be disappointed! We had a wonderful time you get more than your monies worth! - Theresa Musiak

We had such a GREAT time on our Dandridge GhostWalk last Friday. We're still talking about how cool and interesting the tour was! Can't wait to do the Jonesborough GhostWalk on our next trip over during Thanksgiving weekend! - The Thomas Family

My family just got back from our three day tour (July 2010). Included was Erwin, Jonesborough and Greeneville. First things first our guide was top notch thru out the entire time. He set the mood - told the stories - and guided us into the world of ghosts and the history that surrounds it all. My daughter (12 yrs old) watches all the ghost stuff on tv, so, I surprised her with this family vacation. We had a large time all 3 days. Our guide (Stacey Allen) lives - sleeps - eats his work. Each day we had things that happened that were out of the ordinary. Without giving anything away I'll say we had a great time. We were left thinking, wondering, and pondering about all the things we saw and experienced during our stay. Three things I recommend: (1) A good pair of shoes, (2) A good camera with a good flash, and (3) Whatever tour you pick try and work it out so that you can do the FULL day tour package. Emliegh is saving her money for the Ghostology 101 - Ghost Hunting Class... Thanks Stacey and Michael! See ya soon! - Neil, Eastern North Carolina

My husband and I went last night on a ghostwalk in Dandridge TN. It was fantastic. Although I was looking to encounter ghosts we did have several encounters with the cold air going through us and we noticed the air was visible and it was 63 out. We also encountered a very strange individual who said some real strange things to us and must have dropped a card which was also strange. We had a dog with us who is usually extremely good and greets people but she growled and backed up... an unfriendly spirit? The card was a lighthouse picture of a lighthouses I grew up near and had a strange note on the back. I was also poked several time and no one was there. We had a wonderful time listening to stories and could have stayed longer but our time came to a close. We look forward to returning to the area and having another experience with Allen. Highly recommend this and don't go on it expecting... enjoy it and experience the other world! - Julie Brennan

This was honestly one of the best investments I've made. I took the Ghostology 101 Class and went on a tour of Haunted Dandridge. The class challenged me to look at information I thought I already knew, in a whole new perspective. The tours are great, I highly recommend Appalachian GhostWalks. Stacey Allen McGee is very passionate about what he does and that makes the tour that much better. As soon as I get back in town I plan to go on more tours and tell all my friends! - Jordan Hardin - U.S. Army, Abroad

Beautifully surrounded! Bigfoot Adventure!! Great!!! Although Hurricane Delta followed us from Mississippi, Stacey and his team were so accomodating to our group of 17. The adventure was full of stories as well as beautiful landscape. We all had such a wonderful time. Nine of our seventeen were under the age of eleven and boy did he truly have their attention. My husband and I were so enjoying the mystery on their faces as Stacey explained the unexplainable, priceless. Thank you again for everything! - Mississippi Sasquatch Search Squad

Loved It! My boyfriend and I moved to east TN about a month ago and I've been having a hard time adjusting. I've always enjoyed ghost tours so decided to sign us up for this one for October 28th in Jonesborough. This tour did not disappoint. Stacey Allen was a fantastic guide. He is very informed about the history and hauntings. The tour lasted a good 3 hours and we learned quite a lot. We liked how it wasn't a gimmick. There are no actors dressed up like they are back in the 1800s and telling you about “rumors” or potential hauntings. All of information given were facts from personal experiences, investigations, and doing their homework. It took my mind off of things for a few hours. We will definitely be going on more and recommend it. - Anik D.

Fun and spooky! We had a great time during the Historic Jonesborough ghost walk! It was great learning the history of the town. - Meghan S.

Johnson City Little Chicago GhostWalk - FANTASTIC!!!! We had a wonderful eerie time!! The stories were surprising and shocking! Who knew there was such a history hidden in a tiny Tennessee town? Our guide Stacey, was wonderful and funny! Close to 3 hours and worth every nickel. We hope to take the other tours they offer. We've taken alot of Ghost tours across the country, Gettysburg for one this tour is one of the best! I promise, you'll have a great time! - TripAdvisor - Extraordinary3393

I just wanted to email you ASAP to tell you how much we enjoyed the entire day. We really learned a lot, not only from the dowsing lesson, but when you spoke about EVP's. My only regret is that New Jersey is several hours away. I ordered the DVD set of Greeneville, TN to see the other places on the tour we didn't get to. Again, let me thank you for such a great time. Not only did we all learn a lot, but we laughed a lot and it was really nice to meet someone with the same interests. - Jean, Rich, and Kristen Ramalho - Haden Heights, NJ

Our Ghostwalk was Jonesborough. It was a great time! Stacey was super knowledgeable about the town's history and had a lot of stories about experiences that he and others had in the town. Photos were taken and we were able to see orbs in them, which was more than we were expecting. If you have any interest in the Paranormal, I would highly suggest this tour. - TripAdvsior - ForestFaye1022

My fiance and I were given a gift card for Christmas to go on a tour of our choice. We chose the Abingdon, VA tour and we were not disappointed! Our guide, Stacey, did an amazing job and was very informative; we loved how he used historical facts to connect the many ghost stores and sightings of the downtown area. The tour was originally a 2-3 hour tour but lasted almost 4 hours! We will definitely be booking another tour. Thanks, Stacey! - Kelsie Deaton

Johnson City Little Chicago Ghost Tour - Plenty of favorite parts about this experience. Person who led the tour was very knowledgeable not only about the paranormal side of things but extensive knowledge of history. Great personality and amazing at communication. Gave me a whole new outlook on ghost hunting. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed the tour! - Malia Z.

A wonderful experience for us! We thoroughly enjoyed our Abingdon tour. It was so nice to have just our very small group of 4 on the tour. It felt personal and comfortable. Stacey is truly such a blast to be around and very knowledgeable! We had such fun and learned quite a lot of interesting history! - Lucky B. Sirois

Tipton-Haynes Ghost Tour - We had a great experience on the Tipton-Haynes ghost tour. It was a fascinating mix of early east TN history and haunted tales in a fantastic historic location. Going to try the Jonesborough tour next, with Erwin on the list for later. Highly recommend. - TripAdvisor - Jcmd2003

Exciting! I was on the tour September 4th. We had a great tour and Stacey was amazing! Many historical facts as well as ghost stories. The tour was scheduled for two hours and Stacey gave us three. I would Highly recommend this tour again! - Pam Davison

We constantly brag to all of our friends and family about you guys and the time we had in Tennessee. After being "awakened" and returning home we have helped several close friends with paranormal situations that were going on in there lives. This gift you gave us was a blessing and the knowledge we returned with was astonishing. I continue to practice dowsing once or twice a month during the investigations that I have conducted. I must say that there are few times in a person's life that you meet people that have such an impact the way Appalachian GhostWalks did. You opened our minds and showed us the other side of life. You have totally changed our lives for the better and Amy and I will always be thankful. It was a blessing. Thanks again for everything. - Darryl and Amy Comeaux

Thank you so much for the weekend! The kids and I enjoyed it immensely and I plan on telling everyone I know about you guys (and) I plan on coming back up there soon and taking the (ghosthunting) class. - The O'Neals

I just wanted you to know that we all had an awesome time in Jonesborough. We got some great pictures of orbs!!!!! We are going to plan on going on the Erwin Ghost Tour soon and I'm still thinking about your class!! - Kathy Hughes, Office Manager, Department of Surgery

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Orbs Oh my!! Had an absolute blast with our tour guide Stacey McGee!! He took us through the town of Dandridge and though we didn't walk too far, the walk was filled with lots of interesting information. He brought us through his past past paranormal experiences and had us feel as if we were there in the moment with phrases like “imagine if you were me.” He was extremely exciting and enticing throughout the whole tour and made it super easy to stay interested throughout the entire tour. He was super helpful and understanding especially when I was struggling to learn how to hold the dowsing rods. He always made sure I got a good look that the photos that were taken and had a good look at all the buildings. At the end of the day it's important to come in with a positive mind and know that in the end you will get out what you put into it. I would 100% recommend this tour for any fun loving group looking to have a good time and maybe get a little spooked in the town of Dandridge. He is truly passionate about it so please do not discourage him. Definitely go if you're willing to go with the flow and see where the night takes you. Also Stacey if you're reading this, you're still the most interesting man we've ever met, and we can't wait to stop in for another tour! - Tyler

Abingdon Ghost Tour - This was the best ghost tour I have Ever been on and I've been on a couple. Stacey surpassed all of our expectations with history and knowledge about the spirit world. I would definitely recommend. - Sydney B.

I am writing in regards to the vacation that I and my wife took with your company. I was completely amazed at the amount of research that your company provided including the “one on one tour guide experience”. This has been the best anniversary vacation that I and my wife have participated in, including the expert tutelage during our classes in "Ghostology 101". I would highly recommended your company to anyone that wishes to explore an alternative vacation experience and thank you from the bottom of my heart for a vacation that will be cherished for many years. I look forward to planning my next vacation with your company. My heartfelt thanks to you and Michael Combs for an outstanding vacation memory. - Mr and Mrs Kyle McKee, U.S. Dept of Immigration, Wash, D.C.

A New Encounter! We traveled from St. Louis for this wonderful tour. Allen recommended we choose the Dandrige experience due to the age of the town, and wow was he right! I had the chance to walk down a dark alley and experience an encounter with a spirit, something new to their tour that they're still exploring. Allen was very informative and made the journey absolutely wonderful with all of his knowledge of the town! We even had a never before experienced encounter with the town bell. It gave a gentle ring after I had approached it briefly and walked away. We liked to think it was the spirits of Dandrige checking in with us after exploring their town. Thanks for the spectacular ghost walk through Dandrige you two! Definitely book this trip now, you won't regret it if you love paranormal experiences. - TripAdvisor - Blankmak

My family and I went on your Abingdon tour last night with Michael as our guide. We had a GREAT time! Michael was a fun and knowledgeable guide, and we will be recommending you guys to all of our friends! And we will be booking more tours for ourselves in the future!!! - Angela Buskey

You guys did the best job with Carson's April 2009 birthday party! I am telling all my friends! Loved it! Can't wait to take a tour soon! Thanks so much!!! - Angie Moore

Thanks so much for an awesome GhostWalk yesterday evening in Abingdon. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the history and stories you shared with us. It was great meeting you and I hope to participate in future GhostWalks as well. - Andrea Clevinger

We had a great time on our ghost tour. We hope to do another oned next summer. The classes are a must. We got some awesome orb pics and an energy flowing from my daughter's hand as she connected with a ghost. It would be a great trip for the whole family. The guides are very sensitive to any fears children may have on the tour. - Mrs. Sue Kelly

My husband and I and two of our friends went on your Jonesborough ghost tour last Friday night and had a GREAT time. I just wanted to let you know that we thought you were a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable. I have been on ghostwalks in St. Augustine, Wilmington, and Arlington and Appalachian GhostWalks is BY FAR the best! I was particularly fascinated by the dowsing and hope to learn more about it. I am more comfortable with it knowing that you do it from a Christian standpoint. - Mrs. Stanley

I keep telling everyone I meet that they need to take your classes and tours. I cherish the memories and will hopefully be able to go with you again in the near future. I've been dowsing every chance I get to find things around the house just to keep in practice. It still amazes me how well the rods help me find my lost treasures. - Mrs. Kelly

Thank you for taking us on a very interesting and informative tour (July 2008). We really enjoyed it... Supernatural things were starting to happen... My daughter and I would love to take your class and another tour... - Beverly Guest and Family

Stacey Allen, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome tour of Jonesborough on May 6th. We had the best time with you as our tour guide. What a great way to spend a beautiful East Tennessee spring evening, enjoying the unparalleled beauty of Jonesborough and listening to your spellbinding stories. Your knowledge of the area's history is very impressive and adds so much to the tour. We couldn't stop talking about the encounter with the crazy jukebox. It was a long drive home in the dark after we heard those stories!!! I hope that we will be able to go on another tour soon, we would love to take all of them! Thanks ever so much. - Mrs. Brandi Lane

My best friend and I spent July 4th with you in Jonesborough and had a Marvelous time! I will be emailing you the picture of the blue orb over my shoulder, appearing when I called for my recently deceased brother, Bobby. You may show to whom ever, but I know it's him! We are taking another tour in October... I recommend it to all, even if your not a "believer". - Lisa K. Manis - Nashville, Tennessee

After going on your tour I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time as well as your professionalism. I also wanted to say, you are a true testiment of what a paranormal investigator should be! I enjoyed Jonesborough as well as your company as a tour guide. I am so glad that I was able to meet such a wonderful and skilled person! I am hoping to bring my husband down for a tour from you! I was telling him how much I enjoyed it and hope to maybe bring my crew as well. I am seriously going to be attending your classes! I will bookmark your web page for future reference. - Cheryl Meyers

I just can't tell you how much fun we had (November 6th, Abingdon). I am ready to go on another one tonight! At least I have my DVD to watch. Tom and Whitney and me and my best friend Lindsey are planning on staying at the Martha Washington Inn sometime next year. We will let you know if we experience anything. And again, thanks for a great night of history, haunts and humor. - Brandi Lane

I am not usually impressed with a paranoramal investigator. It takes a lot to impress me and for me to compliment someone... well, that means a lot. I feel so honored that Kris introduced me to you. Never have I ever been blown away like I was on your ghost tour. I have met many paranormal investigators, but no one had matched up to your knowledge nor have they met the qualification and professionalism as you. I saw in Jonesborough that you are the real true blue paranormal investigator! I am just so glad we crossed paths! Your the only one I have met that I can say, this is how it is to be done! I am looking so forward to returning there soon and the anticipation has already begun. If I can help you in any way, to help promote you, which I definitely intend to get word around, I will do so! Thanks again!!! - The Meyers

Just wanted to email you and tell what a good time we had last night on the tour of Abingdon. We are already planning another walk!!! You were awesome and did such a great job. We have talked about it all day. The history and the stories you tell are fascinating. We really enjoyed how great you were and how much fun you made it. Stacey, I am sure that the rest of your staff does a great job, but we definately want you as our guide on our next tour! You already know how crazy we are and you seemed to hang right in there with us... a night we will always remember! - The Lanes

My three girlfriends attended your ghostwalk recently in Erwin, Tennessee. We had such a great time learning more about my town and also about the spirits of our past!!! You had everything thought out so well and all we can say is it was so much fun! Thanks so much. Your prices are so reasonable as well. We would like to attend the weekend Bed and Breakfast you mentioned. Thanks again. Keep up the ghostly good work! - Carmela Peterson and Friends

We just did a private tour through historic downtown Jonesborough and it did not disappoint. Stacey Allen was so pleasant and informative. We will definitely do another ghost tour! - The Oliver Family

Sheila and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for such an amazing experience on the Greenville GhostWalk. We wanted to come to Greenville just to reunite with Sheila's mother and it turned into a positive experience for all of us involved not only first hand but secondary contacts as well. Your influences on our live has been immense!!! We have had a ghostly Christmas and are enjoying learning every day!!! Thanks Y'all, and we can't wait till we get to do it again, maybe the dowsing rods will figure me out by then!!! Thanks! - Wayne and Michelle Jaggi

Went to a tour of Jonesborough and loved it... Would love to take another tour soon. Found it very fascinating and informative. - Mrs. Torbett

My best friend and I spent July 4th with you in Jonesborough and had a marvelous time! I will be emailing you the picture of the blue spirit orb over my shoulder which appeared when I called for my recently deceased brother. I recommend this tour to all, even if you're not a "believer". - Lisa K. Manis

It's me again. (Second email) I meant to tell you that I have been on Ghost tours in Charleston and just a few months ago in Savannah and you were so much better. I told Marydell last night on the way home that their tour had nothing on you all. - Brandi Lane

Just want to say I had a really good time on the ghostwalk tour of Greeneville last night. I found it very informative and exciting. It was a really good presentation with both ghost and history facts. I hope to go on another one sometime and look forward to learning more about extraordinary experiences hopefully in the future. I did want to say congratulations on a job well done. Thanks. - Brian Cody

We have been talking about the tour we took with you since we got back. Thank you so much for a great time. You were a wonderful host, and we just had the best time of our lives. In any case, we hope you know that we spoke about you often during our drive home. You and your tour were definately a highlight of our trip... I will end here, but I didn't want to forget to thank you. I would highly recommend your tour to anyone I know. The history was great, the hike was wonderful and the stories we have to share will stay with us forever. - Elaine Tibbetts

I just wanted to say myself and my wife Valerie really enjoyed the ghostwalk last night. We are interested in going on all of the rest of them also. We definitely are interested in taking your two day Ghost Hunter Certification Class. Also my stepdaughter will be joining us as well, so there will be 3 of us. Look forward to going on the rest of the walks and taking the class. Thanks a bunch. - Tim McMurray

Thank you for a very enjoyable experience. I really enjoyed the walk. There where some very interesting orbs on many of the pictures. Many bigger than I have ever captured before. This is an area I am very interested in and am interested in a class such as the one you provide. Take care and God Bless. - Ronda Isakson

My brother and I enjoyed the tour and we found lots of interesting pictures after we got home. Thanks again. - Kim Gray

My name is Kim and I am a full time student at WSCC and work part time at Lowe's here in Morristown. My boyfriend's name is Josh and he works at DTR up in Greene. We went on our first GhostWalk and it was awesome. - Kim and Josh

I'm impressed. The impression you all have had on here life has really been incredible. My friend Sheila's intrigue, who was with me on the tour, has grown into some real education which is awesome for the both of us! For Christmas she got a digital camara so well be back! Thanks again and best wishes in the New Year!!! - Kate Hoffman

We went on a ghost walk with you thru Erwin recently. I will be in contact with you in the future, the wife and I both are very interested in taking your Ghost Hunter Certification Class. I will contact you when we are able to take the time and have the cash to take the course. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world. - The Knapp Family

We wanted you to know how wonderful of a time we had on our ghost tours! Not only did we have awsome experiences ourselves, but you were great on letting us know all about the history of each town. We really miss hanging out with you and THANK YOU for being so good at what you do! - The Falsticks

On Friday, September 29th you guided my friend and me along with another couple on a tour of Jonesborough. We had a great time! - Mary Lewis

We really enjoyed our self on the ghost walk last night. We had a great time. Thank you for the great stories. We will buy some of the DVDs!!! Thanks again! - Dan and Kitty

I flew down from Washington D.C. this past weekend and my sister and I took the Jonesborough tour Saturday night. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed myself so much and learned so much about the history of Jonesborough. You did a fantastic job! I have only been on two other walks and this was by far the best! I may be coming down for Christmas and if so, we may try and catch your Christmas tour. Keep up the good work! - Teresa

I was on your October 29th Jonesborough GhostWalk and I have taken some photos that you might be interested in! Thank you very much for the GhostWalk experience. I will definatetly be visiting you for more. - Rachel Reece

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