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Nightly Ghost Tours******* Welcome to Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost Tours Season Pass page..... Our Ghost Tour Season Passes make the perfect gift for any Ghost Enthusiast, Historian, or the avid Ghost Hunter in your family or circle of friends..... Subjects of interest on this page include, but are not limited to Ghost Tour Season Pass, or Ghost Tour Season Passes, Season Passes for Ghost Tours, Haunted History Tours, Haunted Tour Passes, Real Haunted Tour, Real Hauntings, Real Ghosts, Tennessee Ghosts, and Tennessee Haunts..... Plan your next family vacation with us!!!!! Appalachian GhostWalks has been consistently rated and named one of the top four ghost tour companies in America for the past five years and counting. We hope to see you soon for a SPOOK-tacular couples getaway, or family vacation!!!!! *******
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******* Appalachian GhostWalks offers Haunted Historic Virginia and Tennesseee Ghost Walks Ghost Tours and History Tours nightly in the towns of Jonesborough, Greeneville, Rogersville, Gatlinburg, Blountville, and Johnson City as well as Erwin, Dandridge, Morristown, Bristol, and Abingdon..... Appalachian GhostWalks offers Thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tours to include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History, real Ghosts with true stories of personal encounters with the unexplained, documented ghost hunter research, and history that verifies our findings are we study the regions most historic and haunted places throughout the Appalachian and the Great Smoky Mountains. Appalachian GhostWalks offers Southwest Virginia Ghost Tours and East and Northeast Tennessee Ghost Tours which include the history, mystery, and legend of Southern Appalachia combining the real Haunted Tennessee and Haunted Virginia History as well as Authentic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Stories.... We are the only full service tour company and tour provider in the world that currently offer fully planned Haunted Vacations which are Unique Family Vacations appropriate for childre and adults alike..... See our Customer Feedback page to review past guest comments with regard to their own experiences with us and then come and see for yourself why our Northeast Tennessee Vacations and Southwest Virginia Vacations as well as our Tennessee Ghost Tours and Virginia Ghost Tours have been voted one of the Top Ten Ghost Tour Companies in America for the past several years and counting..... Haunted historic Virginia and Tennessee lantern-led ghost walks tours operate nightly year round with Cherokee, Civil and Revolutionary War History..... Discover Smoky Mountain Lantern lit Ghost and Haunted History Tours, Unique Family Vacations, Party Planning, Ghost Hunter Getaways, Ghost Hunting Classes, and Ghost Hunting Tours..... It's all waiting for you..... Join us for thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tours include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History, Ghosts, and more..... Begin your Haunted Tennessee and Haunted Virginia Adventure by calling (423) 743-WALK (9255) for further information and reservations and start planning now for an unforgettable experience you'll treasure for a lifetime!!! In the words of some of our past guests.... "Appalachian GhostWalks is Humor and History, Emotion and Education... Absolutely Entertaining, Edifying, and Enchanting"!!!!! *******
Ghost Tour Season Passes
Ghost Tour Season Passes
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Although the new "Appalachian GhostWalks Tour Club Card" has surpassed our Season Pass booklets in popularity, our Season Passes still make great birthday and holiday gift ideas. Season Passes are good for your choice of two (2), or four (4) people covering all thirteen (13) 3-4 hour walking tours centrally located to Tennessee's oldest town of Jonesborough. Pass holders can add additional guests at a tremendously discounted rate. Tour locations can be found on our Tour Descriptions Page. Season Passes do not expire and a two (2) person Season Pass holder saves more than $153 including tax over the regular cost of reserving each of the twelve tours individually...
All tours operate seven (7) days and/or nights a week, 365 days and/or nights a year and there are no blackout dates. You may book a tour up to a year in advance and advance reservations are required which are subject only to availability. If you would like more information on our tours, or would like to purchase a Season Pass, please...
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Thirteen different Tennessee and Virginia Ghost and History Tours
Tennessee Ghost Tours
Jonesborough TN - Oldest Town 1779
Ghost of 17 Year Old Boy in the Cemetery
Ghost Photos, See Lower Right Corner
Virginia Ghost Tours
Historic Pre-Civil War Architecture
Tennessee Ghost Tours
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- "Haunted Historic Abingdon VA GhostWalk"
-- Historic Abingdon Virginia Ghost and History Tour

- "Haunted ETSU University GhostWalk"
-- East Tennessee State University Campus Tour

- "Haunted Historic Erwin TN GhostWalk"
-- Historic Erwin Tennessee Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Historic Jonesborough GhostWalk"
-- Jonesborough Tennessee Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Greeneville Tennessee GhostWalk"
-- Historic Greeneville TN Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Rogersville Tennessee GhostWalk"
-- Historic Rogersville TN Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Blountville Tennessee GhostWalk"
-- Historic Blountville TN Ghost and History Tours

- "Tipton-Haynes Johnson City TN GhostWalk"
-- TN State Historic Site Ghost and History Tours

- "Johnson City TN Little Chicago GhostWalk"
-- Historic Johnson City TN Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Historic Bristol Virginia GhostWalk"
-- Historic Bristol Virginia Ghost and History Tours

- "Haunted Dandridge Tennessee GhostWalk"
-- Historic Dandridge TN Ghost and History Tours

- "Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure"
-- Historic Kingsport Area Legend and History Tours

- "Haunted Gatlinburg TN GhostWalk"
-- Gatlinburg TN Ghost and History Tour

Tour Descriptions

Investigating the People Of The Past
It has been said that we do very good Civil and Revolutionary War tours showcasing famous names from our history. In this, one could say that we are not merely investigating ghosts, but rather the "People of the Past". The only limitation on our tours is that of your own imagination. Many have experienced sightings of their own while walking with us on our Cherokee Indian, Frontier, Haunted Civil War History Tours. Will you be among those who have seen the ghostly form of a visitor, dressed in attire appropriate to their age of fashion, visiting from another time and dimension, and clothed in a top hat and cape?
Union Civil War History
Typical Dress of a Union Soldier
Confederate Civil War History
Typical Dress of a Confederate Soldier
So remember to bring your camera as you just might capture a Civil War solider, or some other ghostly apparition from the past. Possibly a member of the Cherokee Nation, or a famous individual will appear to you such as one of the former Presidents who frequented the area. If you take one, or several of our tours and get any interesting photos of your own, we would like to analyze them for you and provide some feedback, so feel free to email them to us. We very much appreciate any and all photographic contributions...
Stacey Allen McGee at Sgt Jessie Rice Grave Site
Stacey Allen McGee, Certified Ghost Hunter
and Tour Director for Appalachian GhostWalks
Appalachian GhostWalks' Tour Director Stacey Allen McGee, CGH is shown at grave site of his great grandfather Sergeant Jessie S. Rice who served in the 13th Union Cavalry (see photo at left) during the great Civil War from 1860 to 1865. Other members of his family fought for the Confederate cause in the 64th North Carolina Infantry. These included V.J. and Wilson Rice, both of whom are believed to have died in the battle of "Red Banks". This battle is thought to have involved approximately 4000 men and was fought on the banks of the Nolichucky River, giving the battle it's colorful name. In addition, Stacey Allen is the 5th Great Grandson of Major Jonathon Tipton who fought in the battle of King's Mountain winning victory over the British in the Revolutionary War. His 6th Great Uncle was Col. John Tipton, Jonathon's brother, of Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee; and finally, Stacey Allen is also a distant relative of the historically famous Confederate General, Robert E. Lee...

Appalachian GhostWalks Mission Statement
Appalachian GhostWalks proudly presents affordable, family-oriented and child friendly, nightly, year-round, non-fear based tours and vacations centered on the real history of America's First Western Frontier located throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, centered on Jonesborough - Tennessee's oldest town, coupled with the true ghost stories of our region's 'People of the Past', as well as the positive investigational substantiation of an afterlife and the continuation of the spirit, essentially providing hope and evidence to support the faith we share, in that when this body stops working, there is no end to life, allowing for the continuation of history by it's originators, who, in some cases, apparently still strive to touch the lives of those of us still in body... all from their perspective - the hereafter...

Stacey Allen McGee, CGH - Tour Director, Appalachian GhostWalks
Founder, The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center

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