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05/1980 Cinncinati, Ohio When I was very little, three to six years old, I lived with my grandparents off and on they had a lovely home with a full basement. In the basement, there was a bedroom and a bathroom and a "game room" and my...
Details Cont'd: grandfather's shell making room which was actually an area off the furnace closet which housed an old oil furnace. You could see the rocks under the foundation of the house which was pretty cool. Well the basement was *always* cold and creepy, although decorated nicely and being heated it was weird, no one ever admitted it but no one liked going down there so it was usually unused.

Whenever I would go down the stairs I would always hear this crazy whispering, like many tiny voices conspiring to trip me or push me or "get" me. often when going down I would get to the middle of the Stairs and the lights would shut off (switch at top and bottom of stairs) no one behind me and supposedly no one below me either! VERY FREAKY!! Many times in the basement or occasionally in the house proper I would see these tiny grey people/things mostly out of the corner of my eye but once in a while I would see them full on, they were waxy and weird looking and as much as I wanted to catch them I didn’t if you know what I mean.

There was a closet in the basement and the back of the closet was far far back it seemed endless but if you went back far enough there was this weird hole surrounded by rocks (the other side of the closet was the furnace room mentioned before) but the hole was angled down, and it was big enough to lose a football in but not a basketball. that area felt WEIRD, like going back into the closet would give me this queasy spiny feeling and no one ever used the closet or the bed/bath that it was in. When family would come for holidays no one would sleep down there even though there was a fold out sofa and an extra bed and bath.

Once on a dare my best friend in first grade went down there and dropped a watch down the hole to see how far down it went by listening but we didn’t hear anything so we closed it up and ran off about a month later I went down into the basement and the watch was on the hand rail of the stairs, the way it would be around a wrist. Only she and I knew about that, but who knew to look for it?

It's funny how no one ever discussed why they avoided it like the plague though. Years later, after the house had been sold and I was living with my mother in another state I rented a movie and we watched it together, it was "the gate" and I was freaking out because it seemed that someone had made a movie about the little guys I had been seeing and hearing so in my mind that means someone else had seen and heard them too!! So I "casually" confided to my mother what I had seen and heard all the time at my grandparents home and she turned white as a sheet. she confessed that yes she too had seen and heard them but thought it was "nerves" or something. Very freaky let me tell ya!! Anyone else ever see these guys common fess up!

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