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05/1978 Lansing, Michigan When I was five years old, my great grandfather died. He and I had always had a special bond and I would literally spend hours and hours talking to him. My family had made him move from his farm to their home in the...
Details Cont'd: city and he hated it! I don’t recall how long he was there, what he was sick with, or why and how he died. I do remember that he slept in the spare room, and I slept with my Grandparents in the room next to his. Every morning, I would wake up with the sun and go into his room and sit and talk to him. He couldn’t get up out of bed and then if he got tired I would leave. If he wanted breakfast, I would wake someone up.

One morning I did that and we talked for hours, I heard my grandparents getting up and around while we were talking. My grandmother poked her head in and I said good morning. She looked at me and said, "Come here right now!" I was scared because she was obviously upset by something. She hugged me and then sent me to play and I was so relieved that I just went. Later, she asked me what I was doing in there, and I told her talking to papa and she looked at me weird and said that I wasn't talking to him and kept pushing for a different answer. She kept on and on and finally let me go do whatever, I think it was eat lunch or something.

Not long after, visitors started showing up and people were busy doing things around the house. It was really crazy there for a while. At some point, my grandparents pulled me aside, sat with me, and told my great grandfather had died in the night. I refused to believe them because I'd just been talking to him that morning! Of course, they refused to believe me!

Years later, as this event was discussed my grandmother, who was an registered nurse for many years, said she could tell he was dead because of his coloring that morning. Also, because she had seen dead people before and she was scared that I was afraid, or would freak out because he was dead.

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The following simple form offers Michigan experiencers of ghosts and paranormal phenomena a quick and hassle free way to submit and document these encounters. Your privacy and complete discretion is paramount, but if you prefer proper credit to the author, please check the appropriate box below to indicate it is alright to use your name with the report. If you would like to speak to someone with regard to your case please ensure that you include a valid phone number along with all other pertinent details and a make a comment to that affect in the "Comments" area of the form. We thank you for taking time to visit our site and share your Michigan ghost, or paranormal Experience.

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Michigan Incident Report: Please describe the experience in great detail concentrating on accuracy. Include information on your surroundings, the weather, time of day, direction of travel of the subject of interest as well as all other pertinent information as it pertains to your case. These can include strange odors, sounds, temperature changes, physical effects on both person and environment, as well as general overall feelings. In short, no detail is too small as not to include it in your report as this data may prove interesting as it relates to other similar cases by comparison. This can lead to recognizable patterns of behavior as well as previously observed patterns in nature which can, in turn, lead to new discoveries, hypotheses, and theories regarding various as yet unexplained phenomena. Thank you for taking the time to submit your true Michigan ghost story, or paranormal experience report.

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Thank you or taking the time to report your Michigan paranormal experience to the Alternate Realities Center's Haunted America Project...

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