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******* Welcome to our meet the International Director and UFO Paranormal research staff page of the Alternate Realities Center as well as the United States UFO Information and Research Center with more than twenty years of Tennessee and Virginia Ghost UFO Bigfoot and Paranormal experience in as field investigators offering paranormal tours throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia..... Consisting of well trained Tennessee Ghost Hunters experienced in Tennessee Ghost Hunting these Tennessee Ghosthunters explore the Southern Appalachian Mountains operate nightly for people who wish to understand and experience Tennessee and Virginia Ghosts..... Tennessee Ghost Hunting experts with more than 50 years of experience with the Alternate Realities Center research and document Tennessee Ghosts and Tennessee Sprits and then present that information to the public on thirteen lantern led Tennessee Ghost Hunting Tours throughout the Tennessee and Virginia Mountains..... Likewise, our Virginia Ghost Hunters and Virginia Paranormal Investigators conduct the most experienced and professional Virginia Paranormal Investigations with Ghosthunter Certification provided by researchers who have been working in the field for many decades of their lives..... Ghosthunter Certifications are certificates presented via artist license by those who have established a well respected reputation in the scientific as well as the general enthusiast community who teach, observe, and certify that those who complete a cirriculum which they artistically create and manage have been duly qualified to conduct ghost hunting and paranormal investigations efficiently with honesty and integrity..... Everyone is invited to join our Tennessee Ghost Hunters for Lantern-led Tennessee Ghost Hunting tour conducted nightly throughout the Tennessee and Virginia Mountains..... Virginia and Tennessee Ghosthunters will elaborate on Tennessee and Virginia Ghosts with truthful accounts of real paranormal experiences and scientific findings through Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia..... Join our Virginia Ghost Hunters who are also the best Paranormal Investigators anywhere in the Southwest Virginia Highlands for a nightly recount of Paranormal Investigations conducted for our Abingdon and Bristol Virginia Ghost Tours..... Get your Ghosthunter Certification, or Ghosthunter Certifications for you and your Ghost Hunting Group with our world renowned Tennessee and Virginia Paranormal Investigation Training Classes..... You'll have a SPOOK-tacular good time!!!!! Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacations Ghost and History Tours offering several different tours dearling with the haunted and strange aspects of our Universe..... Complete haunted vacations featuring Ghosts, UFOs, and the Legendary Cherokee Bigfoot - all in America's First Western Frontier!!!!! All tours operate year round and seven days a week nightly at sunset..... Guests may enjoy everything from a single tour experience through fully planned itineraries for complete family haunted vacations as well as SPOOK-tacular and ghostly weekend getaways..... Guests also receive discounts on select area accommodations as well as other area attractions such as whitewater rafting, gem mining, visits and tours through both haunted and historic caves and museums, and more..... Simply call (423) 743-WALK (9255) for further information and reservations..... One call does it all!!! Please visit our main website at for further information!!!!! *******
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******* Appalachian GhostWalks East Tennessee Ghost Tours, Haunted Vacations Ghost History and Bigfoot Adventure Tours offering haunted historic Virginia ghost walk tours, haunted historic east Tennesseee ghost walk tours, fully planned haunted vacations for families and couples as well as East Tennessee History Tours and Virginia History Tours nightly year-round in the towns of Jonesborough, Greeneville, Rogersville, Gatlinburg, Blountville, and Johnson City as well as Erwin, Dandridge, Morristown, Bristol, and Abingdon..... With more than 50 years of research and study of this region's most historic and haunted sites, Appalachian GhostWalks offers thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and East Tennessee Ghost Tours to include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History combined with real Ghosts - real Ghost Stories - truthful accounts of personal encounters with the unexplained..... When you combine all of this East Tennessee Ghost Hunter and Virginia ghost hunter research with the documented history of our region which was later found to verify our findings, it truly gives our tour guests a spinetingling feeling as to who is haunting the locations along our tour route as well as a glimpse of why they - the "People of the Past" - are still here..... Over the past several decades the research and investigation that has gone into the production of our tours has come from prior University Parapsychology Professors, experienced in the field volunteers, and first hand eye witness accounts of experiences that will truly amaze and intrigue everyone in your party, or tour group..... Operating for as few as just two people, Appalachian GhostWalks offers Southwest Virginia Ghost Tours and East Tennessee Ghost Tours which include the history, mystery, and legend of Southern Appalachia combining the real Haunted Tennessee and Haunted Virginia History as well as Authentic Virginia and East Tennessee Ghost Stories.... We are the only full service tour company and tour provider in the world which currently offers fully planned Haunted Vacations - Tennessee and Virginia Ghost Tour Packages which create unique family vacations and short unique vacation or weekend getaways which are appropriate for childrenn and adults alike..... Be sure to visit the Guest Review page of our site to review past guest comments with regard to their own experiences with us and then come and see for yourself why Appalachian GhostWalks' Northeast Tennessee Vacations and Southwest Virginia Vacations as well as our East Tennessee Ghost Tours and Virginia Ghost Tours have been voted one of the top ten ghost tour companies in America for the past several years and counting..... Our haunted historic Virginia and Tennessee lantern-led ghost walks tours operate nightly year round with Cherokee, Civil and Revolutionary War History..... Discover Smoky Mountain Lantern-led ghost and Haunted history tours, unique family vacations, party planning services, ghost hunter getaways with amazing ghost hunting classes, and East Tennessee Ghost Hunting Tours operate by request 365 days a year... It's all waiting for you here in Northeast Tennessee - America's First Western Frontier!!! Come and join us for thirteen Smoky Mountain Historic Virginia and Tennessee Ghost Tours include Haunted Civil War, Revolutionary War, Cherokee History, Ghosts, and more..... Begin your haunted Tennessee and/or haunted Virginia Adventure by calling (423) 743-WALK (9255) for further information and reservations and start planning now for an unforgettable experience you'll treasure for a lifetime!!! In the words of some of our past guests.... "Appalachian GhostWalks is Humor and History, Emotion and Education... Absolutely Entertaining, Edifying, and Enchanting"!!!!! *******
The ARC ~ International Director and Staff

The "The Alternate Realities Center" was founded and is directed by Stacey Allen McGee, a life-long experiencer of the mysterious and the unknown, yet a seeker of truth in all things paranormal. He has been doing professional paranormal research academically and in the field for over twenty-five years. In 2007, he was voted and honored as one of the top ten ghost hunters in the United States by Haunted America in New Orleans, Louisiana. His scientific investigation and study of these phenomena first took a more serious turn in February of 1994 when he founded a center for the research of extraordinary experiences in Northeastern Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. This included the in-depth study of, but not limited to, unidentified flying objects, or UFOs for short, Alien Abduction, Crop Circles, Ghosts and Hauntings, Local Folklore and Legend, History and Myth, as well as the fabled Bigfoot not yet proven to exist...

As an Amateur Astronomer, the Director has frequently hosted public star parties, searching the heavens with telescopes and binoculars in groups settings called "skywatches", as well as other events to educate people to the scientific possibilities of life elsewhere as well as to the size and complexity of the Universe in which we live. Due largely to his love of Astronomy and Cosmology he also developed an avid interested in Ufology, the scientific study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) as well as their assumed occupants...

Stacey Allen McGee - Tour Director and Founder of The ARCStacey Allen McGee ~ Ghost Hunter Certificate
Stacey Allen McGee, CGH ~ Certified Ghost Hunter
The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center Founder and Director
Appalachian GhostWalks ~ Tour Director and Ghost Guide
Twenty Years Experience In Paranormal Investigations
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Tourism Diploma - National Career InstituteServing as the Tour Director of Appalachian GhostWalks, Stacey Allen McGee begain his career in tourism by attending the National Career Institute in Tampa, Florida, now called Webster Technical Community College. Graduating with honors from the prestigious program, then rated number four in the nation for travel excellence, McGee worked in several capacities through the years within the travel and tourism industry...
Some of those positions included Hotel Front Desk clerk for the luxious Radisson Hotel in Asheville, NC, Assistant Manager for UHaul Truck Rental Company, and flight attendant - first class - for American Airlines where he was based in Boston, MA before returning to the Southern Appalachians.

In February of 1994, the Director founded the United States UFO Information and Research Center and through this effort, he hopes to broaden the minds of the global community on the tremendous scope and nature of the Universe...

Until his death from Cancer in 2018, the ARC Staff included Michael Combs with more than fourteen years experience in paranormal field investigations. While his absence is sorely missed, he gave so much in the way of producing these tours. Other graduates of the "Ghostology 101" - Ghost Hunter and Dowsing Certification Traing Course, too numerous to be pictured here, give of their time as volunteer guides for GhostWalks and private residential and business property paranormal studies and investigations. They work together in unity to support and organize local grassroots research and coordinate follow-up investigations on haunted places as well as reported contact encounters with the unexplained...

Michael Combs - Certified Ghost HunterMichael Combs - Ghost Hunter Certificate
Michael W. Combs, CGH ~ Certified Ghost Hunter
Fourteen Years Experience In Paranormal Investigations
Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost Guide
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The Alternate Realities Center and US UFO Center Founder and International Director, Stacey Allen McGee is the Tour Director and Chief Ghost Hunting Instructor for Appalachian GhostWalks Haunted Vacations and Ghost Tours and is an expert dowser and dowsing instructor as well as an empath with many spiritual gifts including post cognition and hands on healing. He has received many honors and recognitions including being voted onto Haunted America's 2007 list of Top Ten Paranormal Investigators in the United States. He is also an accomplished Astronomer with many years of study in Astrophysics and Quantum Theory and was awarded the Celestial Achievement Award at Bay's Mountain Park and Planetarium. He frequently hosts backyard star parties with inspirational and educational presentations about the day and night sky. In addition, he also hosts fascinating UFO Skywatches with thought provoking commentary regarding the possibilities and likelihood of life elsewhere for small and large groups of any age for just about any special occassion including Birthday Parties and Anniversaries. The ARC and US UFO Center Founder and International Director is available for in house presentations, group lectures, and media interviews and may be contacted by telephone at (423) 743-WALK (9255), or by Email.

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******* Thank you for visiting The ARC Alternate Realities Center - founded February 1994 and based in the Smoky Mountains is a member support organization for the study of a variety of extraordinary experiences including Ghosts and Haunted Places, Bigfoot, UFO Sightings, UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects, Psychic Development or ESP, Alien Abduction and Alien Contact Experiences, as well as the science of the mind or New Paradigm Thinking and the Law of Attraction..... The ARC maintains the importance of the pursuit of the understanding of our existence and our place in the Universe as well as how these "unexplained phenomena", often referred to as the "Paranormal", affect the psychology of the human mind - commonly referred to as "Parapyschology"..... The ARC explores the world of unexplained mysteries, engaging phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a strong commitment to scientific methodology and procedures with efforts to focus on the Human equation. Our mission is to continuously represent new inspiration for new paradigm thinking and ideas in an effort to bring about new directions for the potentials of human consciousness, while bringing about a broader sense of self-awareness..... *******
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