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UFOs in North Carolina

North Carolina UFO Research
Interview with UFO Researcher Alan Caviness
~ Page ONE of Six ~
The following article is an interview with North Carolina UFO and Paranormal Investigator which shall remain annonymous and includes investigations of the supernatural and of the unexplained. The topic examined during the interview was UFOs and Alien Visitation in North Carolina and elsewhere on the planet...

Introduction: UFOs, USOs, abductions, interstellar, and/or earthly conspiracies; are they real or aren't they? Those are the burning Questions. They form the big issue. Countless television shows air almost nightly these days, and on just those subjects. And of course, I no less than anyone else, am deeply interested. I want to know!


Question - For the benefit of our readers, could you give us a brief background about yourself with regard to the whole UFO phenomenon, and how it relates to you in an overall capacity?

Answer - Yes. I'm 55 years old, have 10 years active military service, have always had an interest in aviation, in both a professional capacity and recreational capacity, a strong interest in Astronomy and space travel and have been familiar with the sky for most of my life. When I was in my childhood, teens and twenties, I had a few strange, puzzling experiences that I retained in the back of my mind that later I confirmed to be of a paranormal nature.

I first learned that UFOs might be real at age 12 when a friend of mine showed me a library book on flying saucers. I immediately became interested since I had a general interest in outer space. Because of one particular "indoor" incident in my twenties, I knew without doubt that a paranormal world of some kind existed but I understood very little about it and continued on with my personal life like most people do. I did not know if it was related to "ETs". Despite many years of stargazing with a powerful telescope while in my 30's and early 40's, I saw nothing unusual in the sky that could not be explained by my overall aviation and astronomy experience. But, in the mid-1990s, things changed. I tracked a definite unknown craft in space through my telescope. Later, I filed a UFO report with the Mutual UFO Network. But, due to distractions in my personal life, five years would pass before I could return to this matter and try to figure out what I saw through my telescope.

In 1999, I watched a series of documentaries on TV that clearly showed home video of the same type object as I had seen in 1994. Craft of this type had been witnessed up close by many people in Belgium in 1989 to 1991. My sighting had occurred in the United States in early 1994. Many of the European witnesses described the objects in detail helping me to confirm what type of object I had seen hundreds of miles away in my telescope. These were the well known "Belgian Triangles"—large 300 foot black triangle-shaped craft. For me, this absolutely confirmed the existence of unknown spacecraft. I immediately began serious investigations into the phenomenon. I felt there was no choice. I had to know what was going on. Unknown spacecraft weren't supposed to exist. Only months later, I began having sightings.

The occurrences of these sightings told me that whoever the operators of these vessels were, they knew who I was. This suggested a connection of some kind with something probably not human. The sightings seemed not to be random but intentionally arranged for me to personally see. Later, I began to associate with other UFO investigators and witnesses. It all snowballed from that point down to this very day.

Ironically, I discovered my own home area in central North Carolina to be a haven for any investigator looking for UFO sightings. I somehow developed the ability to seek out individuals who had experienced UFO and other paranormal phenomena and developed a backlog of local cases, as well as not-so-local cases from some of my travels.

I now have over seven years experience investigating unidentified flying objects and have accumulated much more evidence than I would have ever dreamed when I started. I can also add to my credit many personal experiences of various kinds that I had not anticipated in the beginning. Although I work as an independent UFO investigator, I am certified by the US UFO Center.

Question - How does being certified help or work as an advantage for you? Can you give us a brief description of what it takes to be certified as an investigator? Do you think it is something most of us with strong interests in UFOs should do—that is become qualified investigators?

Answer - It is hard to have solid credentials when one is working independently of any organizations. So, having a US UFO Center field investigator ID does help whenever credentials are desired. However, USUFOIRC requires an investigator applicant to pass a comprehensive written examination. The knowledge obtained from this course of instruction is invaluable and serves as an excellent framework from which to build a strong foundation for further learning. I think that anyone can contribute to this field of research if they become a field investigator or a researcher. This field of research is one of the last remaining areas of study that is not overrun with other individuals all trying to find their niche. Only a small fraction of the overall UFO activity ever gets reported. This means that there is much discovery yet to be made.

And I can tell you from experience; even a novice can make important discoveries in this field. It is wide open and will always be. Of course, it is not very easy to simply strike out on one's own. Finding others who are actively engaged in the research field is one's best bet.

Becoming a member of the US UFO Center is an excellent way to make contacts. However, work is where you find it. And I have managed to do quite well on my own. But I believe that the operators of some of these vessels are working with me in subtle fashion allowing me, personally, to learn more and more about their existence, as if they want the human race to become aware of them, gradually. I feel it is my job to satisfy my own curiosity then share what I learn with all who are able and willing to accept it. I am not interested in engaging skeptics. I have found them to be unable to fathom anything "outside the box" of their cultural conditioning.

Interestingly, I find that skeptics are in dwindling numbers. And, I think that this shows how times have changed over the past few decades. People seldom chuckle at me when I look them in the eye and tell them I am a UFO investigator. In many cases, they are thrilled to meet a real investigator and usually have a few questions for me.

This field of research needs more investigators. And I have found that independent investigators find more work than investigators who are regulated by structured organizations. I do not feel that structured organizations have made as much headway in UFO research as they could have over the past 60 years. It looks to me that they have been moving at a snail's pace. The main reason for this is that they are always trying to beg an arrogant science community to take them seriously. And the science community never takes them seriously. UFO research organizations to this day have not figured this out. They're being strung along.

And the science community does not rank as an ultimate authority in my book, anyway. They pride themselves on clinging tightly only to the hardest, most concrete data, yet they place it on top of a floating layer of assumption. Once that happens, none of the hard data is of any value for Mankind's enlightenment, but, it works great for developing practical technologies that can give us more creature comforts as well as the ability and likelihood that we will blow ourselves to smithereens.

I honestly believe, and based on the evidence I've seen, that the science community will be the last group of people to accept the truth about UFOs. Average laypeople these days can now access modern technology and make credible discoveries without having to fool with the science community. And, to me, a layperson with a good photograph of a UFO from the field is more valuable than a member of an organization with a written report in their hands that will end up in a black hole database. An independent investigator can have more flexibility and get just as much recognition, these days.

I do not have time for the science community. They can catch up with me whenever they feel like it. But, I'm not staying in their traffic jam. Eventually, the people are going to realize that they cannot trust the science community any more than they can trust the government. They will eventually realize that it is not in the best interest of the authorities to let the people know the truth about UFOs.

And do the authorities, themselves, know the real truth? The human authorities are full of deception, the alien beings are full of deception, and the alien beings are fully capable of controlling or seriously influencing the minds of any human beings they desire, such as world leaders and scientific authorities. So, why should we trust the powers that be? That is exactly what manipulating alien races would want us to do. They are not interested in invasion. They are more interested in exploitation, if anything. Invasion is something that human beings like to promote. This is the human way but not necessarily the alien way.

The bottom line is this: if we wait for the science community to ever tell us that UFOs and aliens exist, the Sun would have burned out by then. It is pointless.

I also believe that independent groups can do more to promote the research. I think it is a bad idea and a waste of time to try to please the science community on the UFO issue. Just look at where they are on the UFO issue after 60 years. Hardly any farther along than they were 60 years ago. And, I think it is their plan to keep it that way. Remember, there are people at the top of the science community that will not allow much paranormal research of any kind to develop. And, there is evidence that they know about UFOs. Otherwise, they would be excitedly pursuing this matter as much as ordinary UFO researchers.

Plus, we are dealing with beings that have been here a long time, know us better than we know ourselves, can control their level of detection and have their own history that probably goes back hundreds of thousands of years or more. The scientific method is not going to outsmart these beings. Plus, the science community has not proven itself to be serious about enlightening Mankind's knowledge of the Universe. It has proven itself to be good only at developing new technology that ensures mankind will continue down the same old path it has always been traveling. The science community, like the religious community, is primarily in business to decide what humanity thinks and believes about everything, and generally control the behavior of Mankind.

It has been proven that there have always been people who do not want others to pursue and discover the UFO phenomenon. Enlightenment is always on the back burner of the science community's agenda. Spirituality is always on the back burner of the religious community's agenda. This makes no sense to me unless they are involved in hidden agendas of a contradictory nature.

I think that every man, woman and child should be concerned about the UFO phenomenon, mainly because someone is profiting in some way as long as they can keep the matter from the people of Earth. And it is hard for me to believe that whoever it must be would have our best interests at heart. It is important for me to point out that some beings might be genuinely concerned for Humanity and are trying to combat the efforts of any wicked beings. It could easily be the same "tug-of-war" that is well emphasized in the Holy Bible and other ancient texts.

Question - You have had a number of personal experiences with UFOs, visually. Which experience would you say is the watershed one—the one that convinced you of their reality? Could you briefly describe it for us?

Answer - It is hard to consider which one was most significant. But, the 1994 telescope sighting was the one that told me UFOs were real. I could never have said it with conviction until I had that sighting. It was a clear, prolonged sighting lasting for over two minutes. I could clearly see the object as if it was an airplane in a pair of binoculars, and yet it was at least a few hundred miles away. For those who may happen to not know, manmade satellites can be seen traveling across the sky as star-like points of light only because they are reflecting light from a low-angle sun.

They are best seen shortly after sunset and just before sunrise. I confirmed the mystery object to be in space when I watched it "dim out" as it reached the earth's shadow casting out into space in the eastern part of the sky where high-flying manmade satellites had been seen dimming out as they lost sight of the sun from their positions in the sky. The sun had set in my location almost two hours earlier. It was completely dark. To the naked eye, the object looked like a satellite but was very bright (due to its large size and reflective ability). In the telescope, I could count the object's running lights. This object was neither the Space Shuttle nor the Russian Mir Space Station.

At that time, I had no idea what a "Belgian Triangle" UFO might be. But when I saw a video of one in 1999 flying at approximately 2,000 feet altitude over Brussels, Belgium, I knew without question - that this was what I had seen in 1994. It actually worried me because I did not know who possessed this technology. And no one was going to admit to it. It could conceivably be an imminent threat, for all I knew.

NOTE: This article continues to Page Two.

North Carolina UFO Interview - Page Two

UFO and Alien Abduction Article IndexNorth Carolina UFO Research - Page 2

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