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The Greys
Interacting with the Greys
By Walter Pullen ~ Page ONE of Four
Of all the extraterrestrial civilizations visiting the Earth at this time, two races stand out in the UFO literature and in the net discussions: The "Greys" and the Pleiadians. This is because they are the two races presently interacting the most with humankind. The Pleiadians and most of the other civilizations are non-interfering, simply observing or else are trying to deliver the message of Spirit to Earth. The Greys, however, are known to be basically the only race actively "interfering" and affecting the lives of people on Earth. Based on some of the things they are doing, some consider them to be an evil race with malicious schemes and intentions.

I said it before in a previous article (containing an excerpt written by Earlyne Chaney of the Metaphysical School of Astara) and I repeat it again: The Greys are NOT are here to harm us in any way whatsoever, and are here to help us as friends in our planetary growth taking place during these powerful times in Earth's evolution. However, in this article I would like to go into a little more detail into what the Greys are here for, and address various other things concerning them.

A wide variety of sources say various things about the Greys: For example, they are behind almost all of the "abductions" taking place, during which they seemingly kidnap people against their will, make implants, and perform various examinations, including sexual ones. The cattle "mutilations" are attributed to them as well, along with secret meetings between them and the U.S. government. A look at these allegations can easily make one think a huge conspiracy is in the works. In fact, most of the things attributed to them are true, although it still doesn't change the fact that they are here to help, for reasons that will be explained.

The Greys are here for basically one purpose: To create a new race of beings. Entities of this race are known as Hybrids because they are a cross between the Greys and Earth humans. The reason why these Hybrids are being made is twofold: To save their species and to help ours. In order to explain how the Hybrids will save us both, and explain the rationale behind their actions, a general description of the Greys and their features should be made:

These extraterrestrials are called the Greys because of how they look. A typical Grey alien is about 3-4' tall, has whiteish-grey skin and no hair, a large head with small facial features, and large black lidless eyes. They come from a place known as Zeta Reticulum, and are part of a larger Confederation of Planets known as the "Network". They are actually quite small and frail, although can can move swiftly, in motions that would appear to us jerky. Just as there are different races of humans on Earth, so are there a few different types of Greys: For instance some have more brownish skin or other varying features, and not all reside in that particular solar system. Although the Greys have only been actively doing abductions and other work for the past few decades (similar to the over 100 other races that have taken up observation since 1945) they have actually been in contact with Earth for the last several centuries, their influence going back almost as long as that of the Pleiadians.

Actually the term "Grey" (I like to call the Grey aliens "Greyliens" for short.) for this race of extraterrestrials is appropriate for another reason: their disposition. The Greys have a "hive" mentality, and are completely devoted to the needs of their collective race. They work together extremely well, and have little sense of ego or personal individuality. They are basically all the same, and to us would seem dreary and boring. (I have a couple of examples of channeled messages from the Reticulum itself, that I might post if there's interest; although very interesting material on the abductions from *their* point of view, is always written in a dry and unflowing manner.) There are virtually no disagreements among them of any kind, since they all serve the collective needs. The Greys are hence very unemotional, and behave much like Spock or Data would on Star Trek. (Ever see a Grey smile? I haven't, and I think they should more often. :)

Some might think that the Greys are a reptilian race, but this isn't true. Rather they are in insect-like race. Some say the Greys look a lot like giant insects, and I believe that is perhaps part of their history - a highly evolved insect race. This accounts not only for jerky movements, but their unemotional and hard working collective mentality. The contents of my earlier post said they are like humanized robots which are working for a few magnificent Angelic beings. These master aliens could in our insect analogy play the role of the "queens". An interesting piece of trivia is that, according to one source, the influence of the Greys in our society has been expressed through the introduction of Rap music, and although I can't verify anything, this music would probably fit them well.

The collective consciousness of the Greys has many good assets, such as high productivity, psychic connection, and one-pointedness of thought. There is always concern for the future and the environment, and there are rarely any conflicts because they all work for the group. Negatively, they can be seen as detached "sheep" that allow themselves to be dominated by the group. Our individuality also has many good assets, such as accelerated soul growth, here and now aliveness, and a uniqueness that makes each person special. Negatively, we are seen as overemotional, moody people who care only for today and only do what enhances our sense of ego self.

It is interesting to compare ourselves to the Greys - we are very different from each other. We humans are individualistic, while they are collective. We are emotional, while they are detached. What it comes down to is that the Greys and the Humans, are basically exact opposites of each other. To put it simply, together we form a duality. We represent the individual, and they represent the society. Our emphasis has been on valuing personal growth, while theirs has been on unified growth. And this duality is the ultimate causal reason which brings the Greys and us into interaction with each other. Like attracts like, but opposites attract too, since in truth, polarized opposites are one...

The Greys - Page Two
UFO and Alien Abduction Article IndexThe Greys - Page Two
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