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Arecibo Reply
Arecibo 1974
The Transmission In Detail

Chilbolton Message Decoded!
~ Part ONE of Two ~
By Fintan Dunne

"Hello Earth. We are replying to your message describing yourselves -which we have understood. We too are a hydrocarbon lifeform with a similar mathematics and logic. We are sending an image of our face which shows us humanoid like you."

However we have a slightly different DNA structure and we are smaller than you, with very large heads. We inhabit three of the planets in our solar system and one moon. We did not use a radio telescope to send you this message but a telepathic beam technology. We used a hyperspace capability to intercept your spacetime message and are using hyperspace also to reply."

An extraterrestial humanoid intelligence (ET) seems to have responded to our 1974 deep space transmission of a coded message describing earth and mankind. And their reply has now been decoded.

On November 16, 1974 a digitally-encoded schematic was beamed from the Arecibo radio telescope on Puerto Rico. The power of the beamed message was equivalent to a 20 trillion watt omnidirectional broadcast, and would have been detectable almost anywhere in the galaxy. But it was aimed the third of a million star cluster M13, roughly 20,000 light-years from us, near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Even if anyone had been listening, the speed of radio waves are limited, so we should not have had a reply for 40,000 years.

But, on 17th August, 2001 two large and incredible images were imprinted on crops beside ANOTHER radio telescope - Chilbolton, near Wherwell in Hampshire, UK. In the style of the now infamous "crop circles", they are drawn by a mysterious flattening of the crop. One image depicts a replica of the schematic contained in that 1974 transmission. The other crop image is that of a humanoid face. Either this is an incredible hoax or an incredible first contact reply.

The reply schematic is subtly different to the original that we transmitted in 1974. Fintan Dunne, co-editor of PsyOpNews.com, has decoded the reply by comparing it with the logic underlying the construction of our original schematic. Psyopnews.com has decoded the message. A full explanation of the analysis leading to this decoding follows:

The 1974 message was encoded into the radio waves by using two frequencies and shifting between them. The 1679 character message is in computer binary code (0 and 1). The number 1679 is the product of 23 and 73. Arrange the bit-code in 73 rows of 23 and this reveals the schematic picture encoded in the message.

PsyOpNews.com studied the published crop images from cropcircleconnector.com (who retain copyright). We flipped the image of the "crop-circle" schematic horizontally thru 180degrees -using Paint Shop Pro and then also mirrored it thru 180degrees. Then we could line it up with the published 1974 Arecibo schematic for comparison.

The next row shows the atomic numbers of the key elements that make up life on Earth -- hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus.

The next four rows contain 12 groups or "blocks" of 5 numbers each, showing some of the key molecules that are made up out of these atoms -- the sugars, bases, and phosphate that make up the DNA.

In the Chilbolton ET schematic, these first six rows are exactly replicated --as much as we can be sure, given the fuzziness of an image drawn on a crop. Logically then, the ET is telling us, "Hello Earth. We are replying to your message describing yourselves -which we have understood. We too are a hydrocarbon lifeform with a similar mathematics and logic."

Back to the Arecibo schematic. The round spiraling pattern above the human figure is a representation of the double helix of DNA, with the 4 billion base pairs in a human chromosome indicated by the numbers in the bar down the middle of the double helix. One and a half turns of the DNA helix are displayed.

By contrast, the Chilbolton schematic shows almost two and a half twists in the ET's DNA on one side only. The other side has one and a half turns like ours. The central bar seems to confirm they have the same number of basepairs as we posess in our DNA. The implication is that they are trying to say, "However we have a slightly different DNA structure."

Below the DNA swirl, the Arecibo schematic had a cartoon of a human body. The number to the left indicates the population of the Earth; to the right is the height of a human.

Now it gets really interesting. Instead of a human frame, the Chilbolton schematic has a figure that looks like a cartoon baby with its head enlarged for cartoon-effect. How many ET's are there? The population number block is fuzzy -but seems to differ from ours. The height of the ET's is definitely different. We show almost entirely solid horizontal block - they show a block with a gap in the centre.

Just like a cartoon, the ET's are clearly exaggerating for effect. They are saying, "We are smaller than you, with very large heads."

Back to the Arecibo schematic again. Underneath the human, we see a diagram of the Sun and planets in our solar system. Now, the third planet from the Sun (Earth) is above the line made by the others, indicating that this is the source planet of our message.

Compare the Chilbolton schematic. Just under the ET's tiny feet, we see three or four planets raised above the line. So they inhabit more of the planets in their solar system than we do in ours -indicating technological advancement.

But why the curious arc between the fifth and sixth planets? It's symbolizing that the sixth "planet" is actually in orbit around the fifth --the arc represents the rotation of this "moon". This moon is also inhabited --else it would be down on the lower level of the line. So, in summary, "We inhabit three of the planets in our solar system and one moon."

Arecibo UFO Sighting - Page Two

UFO and Alien Abduction Article IndexUFO Encounter at Arecibo Puerto Rico - Page Two


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