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By Billy John Booth

Rendelsham UFO Landing

The Rendelsham UFO Landing

The Rendelsham Forest in Suffolk, UK was the site of one of the most intriguing cases of a UFO landing in the history of scientific study. Receiving world-wide press and television coverage, it is one of the most studied, yet controversial incidents in recent UFO history. The case, in some respects, is similar to the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident in that it is full of military intervention, happening at an Armed Forces base. Though the two incidents occurred in totally different countries, both involved United States manned installations, and were close to top secret military bases. Before the end of the cold war, the British base was under the control of the US. but also staffed with British consultants.

This well-documented case began on December 26, 1980. Tangham Woods, which forms part of the Rendelsham Forest, would be the site for the landing of a gigantic glowing object, which attracted the attention of three security guards. These three men were patrolling the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. Further proof was offered by several radar-tracking stations, which spotted the large object as it crossed the coast of Lowestoft heading in the direction of Rendelsham. The three security officers proceeded in the direction of the glowing object, naturally thinking that a military plane had crashed, or made a forced landing. The three were shocked and frightened to see a saucer-like craft with small, large-headed beings, which seemed to be suspended from the bottom of the craft by a type of beam.

The beings appeared to be busy, possibly effecting some type of repair to their craft. The beings seemed at first to be unaware of the three men watching their activities. The guards, keeping a safe distance from the craft and it's beings, were almost transfixed by the activities at the glowing object. They radioed to the base headquarters, reporting what they observing, and requesting emergency help. Almost immediately, assistance arrived, with a fully equipped armed unit, which included senior officers of the base. Later, there would be reports, albeit, off the record, that witnesses who ventured closest to the craft encountered strange anomalies. Among these were "reality bending" effects, like time displacement. Also, there were allegations that some of the senior officers were able to communicate with the beings. I must state that neither of these facts has been established officially.

The events of Rendelsham were not detailed for some time, though rumors were rampant. The case was given new life in June of 1983, when the base commander, Colonel Charles Halt, sent a letter to the British MOD (Minister of Defence), detailing the events of the night of December 26, 1980. This information was accessed in America through the Freedom of Information Act. This important official document is, without a doubt, one of the most important documents in UFO research. The Halt document, though differing in some aspects from details given above, still substantiates an unusual encounter with an unknown craft on the same night in question.

What this official document states is that patrolmen on the base encountered a "saucer-like" object in the forest adjacent to the military bases. Halt describes the craft as maneuvering through the forest's trees, and eventually disappearing into the sky. He further states that the next day's investigation found marks at the spot of the encounter, and abnormal levels of radiation. On the same night of the event, strange objects were observed performing aerial moves that defied the laws of physics. These lights divided into smaller lights, and eventually disappeared from view.

After years of speculation and unsubstantiated reports, Colonel Halt released an 18-minute audio cassette that he states was made on the night of the encounter. On the tape could clearly be heard various senior officers, including Halt, communicating via walkie-talkies, as personnel tramped through the woods investigating the unusual craft. The voices are at times panic stricken, as they conveyed that a beam from the craft disabled electrical devices in the area for a time. Incredibly, the tape also relates that "video" and "still" photographs were taken of this strange object. There is no doubt that this evidence exists today, still kept secret in some government hideaway. Despite the overwhelming evidence of a major "unknown" craft landing in the forest that night, interested parties still await more evidence on this amazing case. If someday, the video tapes and still photos taken that night were released.

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